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    Personal is working on currently with a car exercise for guide tool ,'s help to stop halfway to get the 。 of the guidance project of the heavy time campusMake use of experience education activity to promote the crisis edge young body 、 heart 、 to work properly just the 。 is toward the change

    A learning process , of car matched all practices 。s that the basic main theme , of learning chisels incessantly every dayRide !Fall down !Get up to ride , again, it definitely lets you master and carries out the result 。 that you wantSucceeding only a definition , is never a 〈 to give up !〉, This is the attitude 。 that the Pu a life time together wants to insist and learns to workMake the teenager realize failure and can bring strength and own to overcome the ability 。 of the failure through failure experience and the frustrate , in grope for the learning process

    Let they the , makes duplicate another success experience , again from will ride successful experience of a car he can find back self-respect and self-confident , to be a confident person 。Want us only to hand his[one] , he can requite this society love and hope 。 to his one more of chance ,ss

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    Currently I am executing a project to help the dropout students coming back to school by using one-wheel bicycle as the assistant tool. The purpose is taking the chance of experiencing educational activities to enhance positive changes in endangered teenagers’ body and mind.


    The learning process of riding one-wheel bicycle matches with the basic learning skill for everything. To practice everyday without stopping, that’s riding, falling down, getting up and keep riding; doing so, one will certainly learn and achieve the result desired.


    There is only one definition for success, that’s “NEVER GIVE UP”! And this should be the universal persistence and attitude for doing things. During the process of exploring and learning, the failures and frustration will make the teenagers comprehend the power brought by the failures, and therefore, possess the ability to conquer failures.


    From the one-wheel bicycle successful experience they will replicate another one, thus they will be able to regain their self-esteem and confidence, becoming a self-confident person. Just offering them a helpful grip, just providing them another chance to try, they will be able to repay back the society with love and hope.

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