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set their cap的意思

in the past they have set their cap at first agers中的set their cap是什麼意思?

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    Set one's cap at (意指婦女誘引男人的追求)


    Said of a woman who determines to gain the affections of a man.

    Origin (片語的來源詳如下述)

    It has been suggested that this phrase originates from the French nautical phrase &mettre le cap sur& - &to set a course for&amp. This relies entirely on the &cap& in the French phrase - apart from that there isn& any evidence to support it. None of the early citations of the expression in English indicate either a foreign or nautical source.

    It is much more likely to be a straightforward reference to the setting of a woman's cap on her head. Women commonly wore caps of white linen or muslin in the 18th century. Any woman who was intent on attracting a man would certainly wear her best cap, probably ornamented with lace and ribbons, and set it at the most becoming angle.

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    Set one's cap at (意指婦女誘引男人的追求)

    => set one's cap at

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    [1] 帽子

    [2] 蓋子

    [3] 經費 (a limit among of money that someone can earn or spend., 最高限度)

    由於這句後面first agers中的ager字典查不到,因此無法得知這句話的用意.

    由於have set their cap,cap是用單數,且前面是their...如果是帽子 or蓋子之類的,應該cap要用複數.

    其中have set: 現在完成式

    根據前述,set their cup應該是指 他們已經設定了他們的經費.....

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    set one's cap at後面接受格才可解釋成婦女誘引男人的追求


    You will be setting your cap at him.

    set your cap at him, him是受格.

    first agers似乎不是受格...

    Source(s): 我+ 字典
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