Who is more out of touch with reality, the GOP for distancing them from the ideals of the American public or..?

...the American public for not following the inadequate leadership of the failing GOP?

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    1 decade ago
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    The GOP is still stuck in the Cold War era and still adhering to Reaganomics. They seem to think cutting taxes solves all economic woes and the hard handed, pro-war unilateral foreign policy of the Bush Administration is the way to solve America's problems in the world. They believe a doctrine steeped in Christian morality and patriotic chauvinism is the best way to fight Muslim extremism, much like the McCarthyists of the 1950s believed it was the best way to galvanize America against the Godless communism of the Soviet Union. The difference is that this is a much different struggle, and different challenges call for different approaches.

    The GOP has exhausted its message, and people want to move forward. Their message no longer resonates, and most people are sick to death of the message of fear and moral values. They chose to move forward with a new age and brand of American politics, one that has more progressive ideals and believes in moving forward from the Cold War and post-Cold War mentalities of American hegemony and military strong-arming.

    If the GOP is ever going to resonate again in the American political consciousness, the party needs to reinvent itself. It needs to expunge itself of it's intricate affiliation with the Christian conservatives, become more adept and progressive on renewable energy and environmental issues, and adopt a more populist party platform. Essentially, they need to shift to a more moderate stance. The voting populace in this country is shifting more towards the left as the older, more conservative generations die out and a younger, more progressive and activist voting population replaces them. The GOP needs to wake up and smell the 21st century, and make make fundamental adjustments in its ideology that caters to a new generation, otherwise it will die a slow death.

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    The GOP feels that instead of changing with the times, changing with the American people that its better to have the American people listen to them. The one thing the GOP is best at and that's mudslinging, deception and attacking their opponent. Instead of giving reasons why they are better for the job,they attack. To be honest, it has worked for them in the past.

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    1 decade ago

    How about your cult leader who outspent Bush four-fold in his first 8 weeks?

    We have a 3.6 trillion budget, and over a $10 trillion deficit, the former costing each American $11,000, the latter costing each $140,000 in interest alone!

    What the hell is wrong with your cult leader? He's deliberately bankrupting America until we will be a bunch of goat herders!!

    Get real, the latest Rasmussen poll shows GOP winning 2010 by 42 to 38

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    You've listed two pretty good space cadets here.

    The public is a bunch of idiot losers. The Republicans are richer than any humans in history.

    And the Chinese have a proverb - if you get taken, it's your fault.

    That ought to clear up your very good question.

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    GOP is out of touch ...period

    Some are not but we do not hear about them...seems they are afraid to speak out against the party

    These ones should go independent and leave the GOP to go down with the rats who are doing their very best to see the country remain negative and speak out against the likes of Rush, who told people he wants Mc Cain and Powell to leave now....why are they allowing this trash to speak for them...and rid themselves of Steele asap

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    How about the American Public that is sick of the lies and deception,

    3.6 TRILLION?

    Try again.

    Your Great-Grandkids will pay for this one.

    Right after YOU do.

    Give that thumbs down. I'll be laying off 23 people to save $960,000 July 1st.

    I'm still here at work at 9:30 PM trying to figure out a way to save those jobs and the people that depend on me.

    You REALLY don't have a clue.

    So Pluto. You Think you can run my business and save those jobs based on the rules now?

    Put your money where your mouth is.

    Pluto. You can't?

    What a surprise.

    Not really.

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    It's a mutual idiocracy.

    the old people knew better. They went through it before with the great depression.

  • leslie
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    1 decade ago

    GOP, without a doubt. Your question is obviously biased and questionable. Stop that, please. If you want to make a difference, state facts which we appreciate and acknowledge. I completely understand your ideology and I agree.

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