What is the weather like in Santa Fe, New Mexico in late May?

My falimy is taking a trip from Oklahoma to Santa Fe in the end of May and I was wondering what to pack? I've been to Southern Cali many times and know how the dessert is, but is Santa Fe really arid? And do they have a cool zoo or anything that would be fun (and not too expensive) for a 1 yr old and a 3 yr old

Thanks in advance!!!

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    The weather here in Santa Fe during the late spring months is usually not too warm. However, do be warned of the wind, which is very common during spring.

    Bring short sleeves, with maybe some light sweaters, but don't worry about it being too hot, too cold, too rainy, etc. The weather here right now is lovely! Today was beautiful. However, Santa Fe is at a very high altitude and it is dry, so bring lip balm and lotion, and remember to drink lots of water!

    One place you must take your little ones is the Santa Fe Children's Museum (http://www.santafechildrensmuseum.org/) which has a surprising amount to do.

    Here are some other suggestions of place to take the kiddos...

    - The Folk Art Museum - the exhibits might bore them, but they often have great art projects for them to do.

    - The Plaza - it's under construction right now, but is still packed with activity on the weekends so you might stop by. If nothing catches your interest there, stop by the Cathedral, and if you can, eat at the "Plaza Cafe".

    - Museum Hill - A collection of museums (where the Folk Art museum is located) that is worth checking out, but again, your kiddos might be bored. Look into special admission prices which are common during tourist season.

    - "The Farmer's Market" is not my favorite, but it does give you an active experience.

    If your family likes hiking...

    - Aspen Vista is located in the mountains and has several trails, many of which are short and easy to do with kids. There are also many other places to hike but they are more of a challenge.

    A few restaurant suggestions...

    - "Guadalupe Cafe" if you want some authentic mexican food, but be warned, when they say their chili is hot, they mean it. (Oh, a note about chili. When you order it, they will give you and offer of "red", "green", or "christmas" meaning both red and green. Green is usually milder and chunkier while red is smooth).

    - "Tecolote Cafe", especially for breakfast, try the breafast burritos.

    - "Chocolate Maven", a diamond in the ruff. It's located in a wearhouse but don't be fooled. Incredibly pastries, even more incredible breakfasts.

    - "Blue Corn Cafe", more of a locals spot which can be nice. New Mexican food but they also have burgers and such.

    - "Flying Star Cafe", a local hangout with good food and amazing deserts (made by a friend of mine, tell Melinda "Maddie" sent you).

    If you want to break away from the tourists (because, yes, us locals do laugh at you)...

    - "Whole Foods", the gorcery store. Sounds boring, but it's the place to go if you want to see the people of Santa Fe. Across from there is a new park which is fun.

    - Look and see if there are any Children's theater plays going on. I know "High School Musical 2" is happening right now, but it will be gone by the time you guys come.

    - "The Genoveva Chavez Community Center", ice skating, swimming (with an awesome slide), basketball, there are a million things to do here and it's pretty cheap.

    If you need hotel recomendations...

    - "The Inn of the Governor's", literally a 1-minute walk from the plaza and a friend is the manager. A tad pricey, though.

    - "The Courtyard", fairly cheap but also nice.

    Note: If you want to just enjoy some down time and "normal" stuff, the south side of town has a nice movie theater, a Target, stores, Starbucks, etc.

    Remember a few things about Santa Fe for when you come...

    1. Santa Fe is very liberal, and by that I mean that it's a hippie town. Stay away from anything overpopulated by teens (and I am a teen myself) unless you want to be bombarded by the scent of pot.

    2. We do have normal activities too, all you have to do is drive away from downtown.

    3. In case anything should go wrong, St. Vincent's is located literally in the center of town, but find an urgent care center rather than going to the emergency room or you'll be there for hours.

    4. "Cerillos Road" is pronounced "sir-ree-ose" road, not "sir-rill-lOs" road, and you will be mocked if you say it wrong.

    5. There is a tourist keyosk located literally right next to the plaza. Stop there if you have any questions.

    6. On that note, the fajita stand on the plaza is incredible - if you need a quick fix it's the place to go.

    E-mail me with any other questions!

    Enjoy our beautiful city and welcome!

    Source(s): Santa Fe resident for over 9 years, and that's more than half my lifetime.
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