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Any good spanish to english translators?

can someone tell me what this article is about, im not very good at spanish. all i know is that obama is using 27mil on a border

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Before that Obama would like to secure border reform

    Rotary says that the President ask Congress for $ 27.000 million for border

    The budget the president Barack Obama precedence strengthening border security to stem the flow of weapons into Mexico before an immigration reform, said yesterday the newspaper Los Angeles Times.

    Obama will ask the United States Congress of 27.000 billion dollars for border and transportation security within the budget for 2010, according to information obtained from official sources revolving not identified.

    The newspaper said that Obama will meet in this way with the commitment with the government of Colombia to strengthen the fight against the flow of weapons and setting the stage for an eventual immigration reform.

    Spending proposed by President Obama would represent 8% increase on this year and allow the administration to hire more staff and strengthening air and maritime safety, he added.

    According to the most important newspaper in the Western United States, the U.S. president asked for more money to expand the monitoring of prisoners and illegal immigrants to improve cyber program that verifies the eligibility of workers.

    The requested funds are part of the budget proposals that President Obama plans to present to Congress today, said Los Angeles Times.

    On migration and border the President has changed the strategy that kept the government of George W. Bush emphasized that the construction of walls, the increase in detention rooms and equipment for raids.

    Obama has given to immigration agents new guidelines place more emphasis on employers who violate the law by hiring undocumented.

    According to the newspaper, Obama is creating the necessary policy space to promote an immigration reform that faces possible resistance from conservative groups that oppose the legalization of some 12 million undocumented.

    The secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano said Tuesday that the budget "shows the President's commitment to a policy of migration intelligent and effective."

    "We continue focusing on strengthening our borders and strengthening our teams and this budget gives us new sources and tools to do just that," he said.

    The President wants to spend $ 112 million, a 12% increase to strengthen the program for E-Verifiy, with which the reviewing authority that employees comply with legal requirements to work. •


    Hope that helped

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