Is this considered harasment?

i texted this boy first then he started swearing at me and telling me to pop pills and cut myself. i only called him the a word. then i told him to stop texting me and he said "boo lol" then i said "i was dead serious about telling the cops. please stop you dont know what your getting into"

i need to know if this is counted as harassment in anyway.


and no im not some little kid. this boys a junior in high school.

ok that might seem little kid to some of you so nvm ha ha

3 Answers

  • Go online and search for the case RvIreland. In this case the defendant got convicted for assault. What those text message were are considered as indirect assault, he put you in immediate fear of personal violence. So yes you have got a case not for harassment but for assualt.

    Source(s): Current Criminal Solicitor
  • 1 decade ago

    Well the fact that you continued contact with the person doesn't help. You have to actually make some attempt to cease contact. I.E. blocking his number , changing your number for it to even be considered harassment. I'm sure that if you were to just quit responding he would stop.

  • 1 decade ago

    You no, no harassment.

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