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how many teeth does a snake have?

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    It depends on the snake, but most have at least a hundred at any one time. Snakes have six rows of teeth - four in the top jaw (two along each side and two along the roof of the mouth), and two in the bottom jaw. The teeth are continually shed and regrown - whenever one is lost, another grows in its place, meaning a snake gets through hundreds of teeth in its lifetime. Only venomous snakes have fangs, but the fangs are not their only teeth - they have numerous small teeth in addition to the fangs.

    Source(s): I used to be a zookeeper, where I looked after numerous snakes, and have kept and studied them for years.
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    Snake Teeth

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    yes all snakes have teeth, they need them to hold on to food as they swallow them... WHOLE. Snakes have many more teeth than found in mammals. Many snake species have over 200 teeth, which can be found in two rows along the top and bottom of its mouth. Unlike mammals, the teeth are attached to the side of the jawbone. Snakes cannot use their teeth to chew pray since they are all pointing backwards. This is to help the snake swallow and hold it's prey. If one of it's teeth comes out or gets broken it is quickly replaced by another tooth (this is much like sharks teeth). Also snakes usually shed their teeth to always make sure that they are sharp. All of the snake's teeth are the same length and size except the elongated teeth of Boas and Pythons and the Venomous snakes. that's probably why your friend said that.

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  • Ruth
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    All snakes have teeth. Some are modified with hollow poison tubes for fangs. Black snakes are not a species. If you mean the black rat snake, yes it has teeth and is not poisonous.

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    Mostly snakes have two fangs but reticulated python has 100 teethes

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    It depends on the snake.

    Most have 2 (their fangs), but others have 4 or more.

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