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Are platy hardy enough to be used as cycling fish?

Well i just got news that my local fish store has all the platies i wanted (blue, sunset, mickey mouse) but i was just going to buy the 55 gallon tank this weekend and this wont give me nearly the enough time to cycle the tank without fish and if i dont go buy the platies now they really go fast bcz of there popularity, so i was wondering can i cycle the tank with them and if i can is there any certain precaution needed?

PS. they're gonna be 9 platies (3 sunsets, 3 blue, 3 mickey mouse)

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    Yes platy are some of the hardiest fish. If you really don't think you can wait, cycle with those platies and test the water daily. Keep ammonia and nitrites below 3ppm with water changes. I know you want to keep all the platies but they might not all survive the process.

    If I were you, I'd go ahead and invest in Bio-Spira immediately. It's a bacteria starter colony guaranteed to work within a week... for a pretty penny. If not, I'd take my chances with an of the other bottled bacteria (50-50 chance of working) such as Cycle and SafeStart.

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    Blue Platy Fish

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