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When Mo Rivera Gives up Back- to Back Hr's you know the Yankees are Struggling , Is that Correct?

I have never seen Mo give up Hr Back to back

It is surprising me

Well tomorrow a new day New Game Lets go yankees....... Next Baltimore

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    It's Giraldi's fault that Rivera gave up back to back home runs. That would have never happened if Torre was still manager. <sarcasm>

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    I dont understand why he was in tonight's game in the first place. This is the 2nd consecutive night he's been brought in to protect a TIE, not a lead. Of the Yanks 13 wins rivera has had 6 save oppourtunites, and he's already pitched in 5 games that were'nt save opportunities. I think girardi's misuse of him is part of the problem, but yes, they're definitely struggling. Damon is on fire, Tex had 5 RBI in 2 games coming into tonight, and Arod is back tommorrow, so we'll see what happens.

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    Well whenever an relief pitcher struggles i dont automatically blame the entire team.

    Yeah, Rivera doesnt give up homers usually and back-to-back is like being struck with lightning.

    But Yanks' offense just needs to kick it into the next gear.

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    Probably. I barely watch Baseball Games anymore (STUPID CABLE), so it's kind of hard. But when I am watching some, mostly on ESPN360, I feel like any team who has that is struggling. Especially (I don't remember when) when Garza gave 4 straight hits, and 4 Runs.

    A Single

    A Home Run (2 Runs)

    A Double

    A Home Run (2 Runs)

    I was just shaking my head. We eventually lost

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  • sad to see a Hall of Fame career unravel before your eyes like that.

    oh well, Red Sox for the pennant, Cashman for the chop,

    Girardi for the bat boy role, A-Rod - drugged up flop.

    Nick Swisher is the starting pitcher, Cabrera the yanks best player!

    And when it come to the ALCS, Boston will be there.

    Torre must be laughing, Soriano he must smile,

    "thank god we got out of there, life is now worthwhile"

    Damon will never win again, Jeter longs for the past,

    The Curse of The Bloody Sock is one that's gonna last.

  • In the past I would agree, but this new Yankee Stadium can allow even the weakest of hitters to knock one out of the park.

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    yankees suck! pathetic team, the highest payroll by far and they can't win. teixeira isn't even batting .200 and cc is overrated. GO RED SOX!!

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    Rivera just has a bad day I heard he was listening to this song on his ipod.


    Youtube thumbnail


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    Do you think he's nearing the end of the line?

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    Whats new...another Yankee question? You know because the World does revolve around the Yankees right?

    Oh I'm shocked you didnt mention Derek Jeter this time.

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