Did Kobe elbow Artest in response to his Roy comment?

Did Kobe elbow Artest in retaliation for him calling Roy the best player he'd ever played against? I didn't agree with Artest's appraisal either, but everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think Kobe should have shown more maturity and simply pulled Artest aside before the game and told him his words hurt his feelings. There is no need to resort to violence.


That being said, I don't think Kobe should be suspended. It wasn't a blatant violation. And if the Lakers lose, I want them to be at full strength.

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    I dont think it was because of that. I just think that kobe is just trying to establish himself for not taking any sheet. Let's face it, you know he doesn't want any part of Artest. I've noticed many times over the years that kobe is a master at getting in those cheap little shots, especially at playoff time. He's not the kind of player, or maybe he's too smart and sneaky to ever do anything blatant. But he does have aknack for occasionally smacking someone when they least expect it.

    I don't think he should've got suspended for that either. That's the thing with him, he seems to know just where that line is and never crosses it. One of the reasons I don't like the guy....I have more respect for Fisher for just outright laying someone out than for throwing sneaky elbows under the boards.

    kobe is not dumb, he's too arrogant and self-centered to be dumb, long and short of it is he's trying to get in Artest's head or bait him into doing something stupid.

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    Yeah like Kobe would ever do that. Jokes or not... Kobe would never admit anything like that.

    Look it's no surprise this happened. It's been building since the previous two regular season games.

    I think it's dumb how everyone is overreacting to a tussle. The replay shows Ron throwing his elbow shoving Kobe under the rim... Kobe came up and popped Ron in the chest (not the neck like all these biased fans are claiming).

    But anyone... ANYONE watching that game had to of had the same thought when Ron Artest started running up to Kobe "OH SH!T!!!!"

    Ron shouldn't of been thrown out of the game. He did nothing wrong. He did enough to get a technical foul... but not an ejection. But because of Artest's history, he got bounced.

    Fisher is another story. But because he's not Kobe and is so respected by so many people all the questions are aimed at Kobe.

    As i said in a previous question: Fisher was a pair of spandex and a yell from the top turnbuckle away from pulling a WWE wrestling move on Scola.

    It's the playoffs everyone. This isn't new.

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    Kobe didn't elbow him because of that! He was playing real tough defense, but he elbowed Artest's face. That should've been a foul, and the refs must be ******* crazy for not having seen that. Later on, Artest went and complained to the refs. Since the refs can't do nothing anymore, Artest walked straight up to Kobe and told him what he had in mind.

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    Ron Artest isnt the first person kobe elbowed.

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    I don't think that had anything to do with it. It was the heat of the moment and Artest had his elbow up near Kobe's head before the foul.

  • DP
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    1 decade ago

    well the lakers wont be at full strength game 3. fish is suspended for elbowing the pudgy argentinian.

    gotta love the playoffs though

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    agree, kobe should have just expressed to Ron his inner feelings and emotions but instead he resorts to violence. Kobe and Ron would have worked something out, Ron is a tough guy and all put he needs to show more attention to kobe, kobe is really sensitive

    Source(s): please do not let the sarcasm in the answer above offend you
  • Ron-D
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    1 decade ago

    he elbowed Artest because Artest was holding Kobe while going for the rebound

    its not secret that Kobe is a dirty player too

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago


    get out of here, your sounding like a hockey fan

    here we are enjoying the action that happened and we all want more from kobe and artest and you come up saying that kobe should of used words, LOL

  • 1 decade ago

    LOL. I think Artest is doing his best Dennis Rodman impression. It got kobe to throw an elbow...so far so good.

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