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Anonymous asked in Education & ReferenceStandards & Testing · 1 decade ago

Ap Spanish language exam question?

I took the Ap spanish exam a couple of days ago, and think I did alright but I am worried about the formal writing part, I sort of did not pay attention in the audio, and only heard stuff about massive amounts of fish eggs, and I incorrectly summarized it to mean that fish were beginning to lay more eggs because of the climate change, and talked in my essay about how this would lead to overpopulation. Now that I went to college board and read it I realize it was in fact talking about many fish eggs that have washed up on the shore.

I think my paragraphs about the printed passages were pretty good, and I had a decent intro and conclusion, so should I still get a fair number of points even though one of my paragraphs was totally off?


I agree with the oral essay i was able to get both sources in, but really rambled and I really think the time is too short for that part, but thats only 10 % of the grade so i won't be that worried about that part.

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    I think you should get enough points for using all three of the sources even though you were a little off. I think they base your grade on grammar and how you arrange the words to explain yourself. You should still get a good score.

    What I messed up in was the oral essay. There was simply not enough time to prepare and I felt my info was all over the place.

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