Can I lose my virginity in a Prostate exam?

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Hello I am 49 year old virgin (waiting for the right girl) and when I went to my doctor he said I should get a prostate exam. I was okay with that until the female doctor told me more
Update : I'm really nervous because I have seen videos on Prostate exams and more
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No, it's not losing your virginity as you aren't actually having sex, just being checked for cancer.
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  • pockybunny answered 5 years ago
    No, that won't make you lose your virginity.
    The only way to lose your virginity is to have sex. That's pretty much what being a virgin means; you haven't had sex before.
    And a prostate exam isn't a sin, you will know if there is any infections or stuff in your, you know. area.
    It's important for men your age to have prostate exams.

    good luck!
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  • John N answered 5 years ago
    it's not a sin. there's nothing sexual about this; it's a medical exam. And believe me, you're gonna get stuff shoved in all orifices as you get older.

    Yes, you'll still be a virgin.

    Or, skip the exam. But you have to know that prostate cancer is more treatable the earlier its detected. You may or may not ever develop it. But, if you do develop it, and have to have the prostate removed, then you can die a virgin, because you'll never get it up again. Or you can die a virgin because the cancer spread to the rest of your body, and you'll die way before your time.

    This has nothing to do with being a Christian, a born-again Christian, or Jewish, or Muslim, or Druid. It has everything to do with health. Get the exam.
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  • marys.momma answered 5 years ago
    No, this is not a sin. It's a medical exam. Your doctor has been trained to look for any abnormality in the prostate area, which is most easily done by a rectal exam. At your age, you need a baseline exam to make sure nothing is wrong.

    It's understandable that this may cause you embarrassment. But it's not anything like a homosexual encounter. It also has nothing to do with sexual relations with a woman.

    Are you worried that you might feel some sort of unwelcome stimulation? That's unlikely, but if it should happen, it would be no more of a sin than a sex dream while you are sleeping would be.
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  • bigjohn B answered 5 years ago
    Is this serious? A prostate exam involves looking and feeling up your rectum. That is hardly a virginity losing exam. Been there, done that, a number of times.
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  • Carrie H answered 5 years ago
    No this is not a sin at all.
    It is not losing your virginity, as you aren't having "sex" with anyone.
    This is a good thing. God has done this to help you. It is not a sin but a blessing :)
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  • Big Ric answered 5 years ago
    umm no sin. The main idea of staying a virgin is so that it is special. Something to make sure you will survive longer isnt losing virginity
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  • Certainty19** answered 5 years ago
    no, it's not sexual at all so it's not a sin. it's for your health-- i'm sure God understands.

    and kudos to you for waiting for the right girl :)
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  • kittenish answered 5 years ago
    First off, there is nothing - and I mean nothing - sexual about a prostate exam. You will not be aroused, you will not be thinking sexual thoughts, you will just be having a physician examining you. If a woman who is a virgin is examined by a male gynecologist for pain and he puts a speculum inside her to take a look and see what is causing discomfort, he didn't just deflower her! Even if her hymen was broken by the speculum, it's not like she was lying there experiencing anything other than fear and dread - certainly not pleasure.

    For devout Christians, virginity is lost only when two people knowingly and willingly engage in sexual behavior for the purpose of pleasure and/or procreation with one another. I assure you the Pope himself has prostate exams (esp. at his age, he'd better for his own health!). Having a female physician vs. a male one makes no difference to God, and there is nothing prohibiting medical examinations of any kind in the Bible with regard to sexual purity. Go get checked out, prostate cancer is a terrible, pernicious condition that can kill you. Nobody likes it, it's embarrassing for all men, but they do it because it's WAY better than death, which might be the alternative. Try to relax, everything will be OK between you and God.
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  • Lee answered 5 years ago
    Your doctor will be putting her glove plus finger up your butt. You will not lose your virginity because of that exam. Perhaps you should consider a male doctor. Also, what are you waiting for, there are plenty more women then men out there at your age. So just enjoy your life and try to find the right girl.
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  • lightyagami answered 5 years ago
    wow what a ********
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  • TriGuy answered 5 years ago
    I know you shouldn't answer a question with a question, but is that a serious question?
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  • Matthew answered 5 years ago
    ejaculating isnt a sin and i have proof to back it up
    i to believe in God and thought it was wrong to ejaculate because u are killing sperm cells inside of u

    however if u dont ejaculate (masturbate) then ur sperm comes out in a wet dream.

    This we cannot prevent so surely if god design us to have wet dreams then it is ok to ejaculate.


    i love God
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  • Lone Walker answered 5 years ago
    I dont know...........If you take it that way yes. And dude its high time you get laid and tell god+jesus to take a hike. You need to do it even if its a whore. And you've waited to long that special somone isnt coming
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  • Sexy A answered 5 years ago
    It's only a sin if you spill your seed on the ground.
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