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2004 and 07 Red Sox world series tainted?

I'm seriously getting a little peeved on this, people on this section are jumping to conclusions and saying that because Manny took a illegal substance the Red Sox world series are "tainted". Seriously? Where is your proof that he took illegal substances with the Red Sox? Even their world series just didn't depend on Manny it's a TEAM effort not just a "Manny" effort.

What do you think of this situation?


Guys who only read the question, read the details guys.

Update 2:

Jim: You're a complete idiot. I didn't jump on the Yankees on anything. Ask any of my fellow Yankee fan contacts who actually are answering this question better than you are.

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    Oh my gosh Little Dustin, when I read the question I thought you were serious! I totally agree with you. Anyone who is thinking that people shouldn't take those WS's for real are not very educated. Manny Ramirez is not a whole team, he was a valuable member but I firmly believe they could have won without him. I do think that the Dodger playoffs last year may have been a bit slanted because of how much he improved his teammates, but I wouldn't take that away from them. So much effort went into their comeback to make the playoffs that Manny Ramirez can't ruin it. Manny Ramirez hasn't tainted anything but his own reputation.

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  • Jacoby
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    1 decade ago

    I agree Don't jump to conclusions however I'll bring up an an article calling the Sox Title's forever tainted from

    Let's look at some Yankees from their 4 series and 6 pennants busted for Roids

    Jason Giambi

    Roger Clemens

    Chuck Knowblauch

    Andy Pettitte

    David Justice

    Jose Canseco

    Denny Neagle

    Mike Stanton

    Jason Grimsley

    Tim Raines (Cocaine)

    Darryl Strawberry (Cocaine)

    Dwight Gooden (Cocaine)

    Other prominant Yankees:

    Gary Sheffield

    Alex Rodrgiuez

    Kevin Brown

    I'm not saying the Sox are totally innocnet (Manny, Gagne, Mo Vaughn) but the Yankee fans making idiot comments (Not saying all) need to shut up

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  • 1 decade ago

    i definitly agree with you... manny took i think around 15 drug tests during his years with the red sox, and passed all of them... i really dont think he was taking any sort of illegal substance while he was with the red sox, and i think he started when he left boston... it only makes sense... the tests dont lie

    now,, even though its against what i think, lets say manny was taking banned substances during his years with the red sox.... 1 person doesnt equal a whole teams championship... the red sox could not have won those world series without the rest of the talent on the team, so regardless, saying that the red sox 2 past world series are tainted or whatever is just stupid

    also, look at all the other steroid allegations on the yankees, etc.... nobody considers the world series that the yanks won as being tainted because of it, so why should they think the red sox world series wins were tainted, when nobody has any kind of proof that he took during his days with the red sox

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  • carla
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    1 decade ago

    Well Little Dustin, I'm not trying to jump to any conclusions, but when I found out Manny took illegal substances the first thing I thought was did he take them when he was still with Boston? But at the same time I don't think that the 2004 and 2007 World Series are "tainted" because there were other guys involved. Manny may have been the WS MVP in 04, but in 2007 it was Mike Lowell.

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  • Connor
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    1 decade ago

    I was ready to rant. I looked at who posted this, and wondered why you would say something like this. Then, I read the details.

    I agree. Every team has a star player that's juicing -- even if we don't know it. The Yankees had a bunch of star players on them in the late 90's and early 2000's, but I'm not saying their WS are tainted. A lot of Red Sox players earned those victories the right way. However, I do think of Manny differently now.

    Manny thought it was a Manny effort, although it was nowhere near that.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Oh, i have no doubt he used with Boston.. YOur Testosterone level does not drop after even two years of sterroid use. YOu take HCG, which i know about because they tested my levels when i was pregnant with my daughter, If he needed to restart his Testosterone PRoduction, he has been using Sumthing Anabolic for awhile. People can't say that The Giants trip to the WS is tainted because of Bonds, and The Yankees Trips with Giambi and Clemens are tainted, but the Red Sox Trips are not Tainted... that does not Fly. Manny used with the Red Sox.. but thats not Why they won, they won because of Josh Beckett, Curt Schilling, Jon Lester, Papelbon, Wakefield, PITCHING. but Please dont tell me Manny Decided to start using IN LA... because thats BS.

    I think the Real question is how stupid is Manny. They cant Test for HGH, so why the hell was he still cycling off Sterroids?

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  • 4 years ago

    Well you gotta look back from they years 1989 to around 2006 and say that at least ONE if not more than one player on EVERY championship team over those years was using some type of PED. So if you put a quote unquote "asterick" nexts to the 04 and 07 world series champions the boston redsox, you HAVE to do the same for every other team during the span I mentioned. And we all know that will NOT happen. People are just gonna have to deal with it.

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  • D
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    1 decade ago

    No record, no title has been 'tainted' by steroids. I'm willing to bet that several players on the Red Sox were using PEDs when they won their WS titles. But then again, I'm willing to bet that many more on their opponents teams were as well. History is proving that steroids infused every aspect of baseball, and I doubt any team is clean, when it comes down to it.

    Baseball needs to stop it's laughable hypocritical policies where some players are punished, and others walk away scot-free, it needs to admit that drugs infest every level of the game, and that it's okay. Instead of creating a list of banned substances, they need to spend money on testing 'safe' PEDs and allow players to take those.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well thats too damn bad if you're getting peeved. You love to jump on Yankees when this happens. Now its your turn. Manny is a CHEATER!!!! He was just suspended for it. This cheater was a WS MVP for your team. Sorry! You can dish it out but you cant take it. Figures. Deal with it dude.

    I don't mean to be an idiot. Here is my point. Everytime Giambi was up to bat in Fenway, he was greeted to a chorus of "Balco" chants. ARod would have gotten the same thing this year if he wasnt hurt. Many Sox fans (maybe not you) want to discredit any success the yanks have had because of some recent allegations. Now, your fans have to deal with it a bit. Dont tell me that he wasnt doing it with the Sox. Noone believes that. Dont tell me about a team effort, it doesnt fly for us, it wont fly for you.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Well I agree people are jumping to conclusions that is pretty normal...but then again to really think about this it dosent seem logical or even possible for Manny with his history of hitting so well to in his mid 30's to start taking steroids, he would have been doing this for a while. I think in the next few weeks we will find out more. I can already see Salina Roberts on a plane to god knows where to dig up everything she can on Manny for her next book!

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