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i need a essay on the holocaust (read extra info)?

im not tring to cheat but i think my teacher is now very fair on me and doent give me enough marks even if i try hard (so i just want to test it out ill change it to my own words of course)

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    The Holocaust, a word which was derived from a Greek word meaning "consumed by fire," was the mass murder of more than 11 million people. 6 million of those lives were the lives of Jewish people. Other groups that were cruelly murdered included the Roma (Gypsies), homosexuals, the mentally and physically disabled, Slavs, and Poles.

    Adolf Hitler, the main cause of this horror, became Germany's dictator in the early 1930s. His anti-Sematic beliefs and prejudice turned Europe into a bloody nightmare.

    At first, Hitler tried to persuade the Jews and other groups to leave by making it hard for them to live in Germany. He endorsed cruel laws, such as curfews for all Jewish people, Jewish people must wear a cross on their arms, etc. When the Jews still stayed, the Final Solution was created.

    The Final Solution began when Hitler and other powerful authority figures created "ghettos" which were cramped living spaces with little or no food or water. Jews were forced to live there with no prirvacy or rights. Soon after, the horrible concentration camps were built.

    The concentration camps, run by the Nazi (Hitler's political party), forced all Jews to live in campsall around Europe. When people arrived in the camps, they were separated by gender, stripped, had all their belongings taken away, had their heads shaved, and got tatoos of numbers on their arms. These were their new "names." An SS doctor determined whether the people were sent to the gas chambers or work camps.

    The gas chambers were one of the many horrors that went on in the camps. People, who were told they were going to take a "shower," went in and were gased. At one time, in the Auschwitz concentration camp, 2000 people were killed in the public "shower." Most of the time, any person who was sick, physically or mentally, any children, babies, pregnat women, the elderly, or any body who was not capable of work, were immediatly sent to the gas chambers.

    If you were healthy and an adult, you were sent to a work camp. You would have very little or no food or clean water, and be sent to work all day. If you ever did something wrong, a Nazi guard would shoot you or you would be sent to the gas chambers.

    When WW2 ended in 1945, all survivors of the concentration camps were set free and Hitler eventually committed suicide. The world will never forget the innocent 11 million people who died at the hands of Hitler and the Nazi Party.

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    write about

    - the poor conditions of the labour camps

    - how the public where tricked into thinking the nazis where doing the right thing

    - how Jews, Gypsies etc where used as scape goats

    - how the government frightened the public to be scared of the people they didnt like and to report Jews they knew

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    the holocaust was like bad and stuff. the end.

    just pad that and stretch it out to however long your essay needs to be and you'll do fine.

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