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why do Mormons believe a man who had no miracles?

As in, at least Josephus said that "At this time there was a man, if it's even lawful to call him a man. He was a doer of marvelous works"

But Joseph Smith, had no miracles, and one of the signs that you have authority is miracles, hence the reason that the 12 had miracles.

But along comes Joseph Smith, a snake oil salesman, and him and Mr. Young create this religion. And only they see the plates or whatever, yet have no miracles to back it up, and you believe them.

Why?? They have NO miracles??


Jesus healed a man's withered hand. :)

Update 2:

"barely less"

but still less. .^_^

Update 3:

we have PROOF that the early Christians did miracles, the book of Acts has Paul going around doing many miracles. And then the whole or Rome was torn in half because of Christianity, proving that the Romans saw something powerful.

No so with Mormonism, all they did was say "believe me" basically. ^_^

Update 4:

use the numbers:

7, 8, 15, 4, 3,20, and 9

Update 5:

if that were true, it would be recorded in Illinois somewhere that there were many miracles performed, just like the Catholic Church has Roman History stating that miracles happened. ^_^

Update 6:

you mean the big powerball lottery?

Then just leave off the 9.

Update 7:

now you may have to keep using these numbers for the next 50 years, but hey, it'll hit. :)

Update 8:

hmm, but how does winning the lottery help God if you wont share all the money with the people you know on R&S and the poor on the street?

Update 9:

and of course not saying that I'll pray for that, but the numbers I gave are my opinion of what will win. ^_^

Just like Paul gave his opinion, I'll give mines. lol

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    You don't think having an angel visit you and give you gold plates that you can read out of a hat is a "miracle"?

    You didn't see that miracle?

    Guess what, you didn't see the others either.

    Religions are built on "claims", Lion, not truth. If you can't do any miracles in the name of your god, then why should anybody believe you?

    Tell you what - I'm heading out for a bit to pick up the kids - I'll stop off at the drive-thru and buy me a lottery ticket. If you pray for the miracle that I win the big jackpot, and I do win it, then I'll think there's something to your "miracle" stuff. After all, you claim they all did big miracles - all I'm asking for is a little manipulation of a few ping-pong bolls with numbers on them.

    Otherwise, I'm just out money, and you've showed me the power of your god and his miracles.

    Deal? See ya next week!


    Whatever - you really don't understand history anymore than you understand your religion. If Rome was "tore in half", it wouldn't have taken 350 years to take over, and if Christianity was a single entity, it wouldn't have needed a council of Catholic Bishops to vote on what to include in the New Testament.


    There's only 6 numbers in the lottery, and you've listed 7 - which one should I leave off?


    Nope, sorry - it happens this Friday or it doesn't happen at all - I don't buy lottery tickets, so this will be the only lottery ticket I buy in the next 50 years. I'm buying it because you said your god does miracles - so does he or doesn't he? Because if he can't do them anymore than Joseph Smith's hat trick, then he's just as valid as Joseph Smith is - all "claims" and no action.

    I do find it odd though that this is your big chance to "prove" a miracle from your god, and you don't have anymore "faith" in it than I do, since you're running around looking for a loophole to get around it.


    Look, I'll make it simple: Your question is "why do Mormons believe a man who had no miracles", right? Look at it if you don't believe me.

    Therefore I put it to you "why should I believe a man who has no miracles", since you seem to think that it is "miracles" that validate the correctness of a religious doctrine.

    You ALWAYS wish to be "believed" - not only in this question but in darn near EVERY QUESTION you ask on this forum. Therefore, if it is "miracles" that define correct doctrine, I expect you to "put up or shut up" in the miracles department...that or come to the conclusion that "miracles" have nothing to do with the truth of a religious doctrine.

    As far as winning - I will share it with the poor, and even you since you "picked" the correct numbers - however, I suspect that your opinion on said numbers will be about as worthless as Paul words are in the pursuit of real truth.

    Again, see you next week

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    “Panda bear returns again” complains “Why didnt Jesus have more belviable miricales. Like healing amputees or maybe inventing a car.” (Sic)

    What? Raising the dead, controlling the forces of nature, commanding spirits and demons, making the lame walk and the blind see is not good enough for you?

    How about when Jesus restored the man's ear that had been cut off, isn't that healing an amputation?

    And how would inventing something convince anybody?

    Wouldn't people just say "So what? People invent things all the time, what's so special about a man inventing a new machine?"

    Unlike self-styled "prophets", Jesus and the Apostles didn't just say "Trust me, believe me", they proved their bona-fides by performing signs and wonders in front of dozens and sometimes hundreds and even several thousand witnessess.

    And unlike the Book of Mormon for which there is not even a shred of evidence, Archaeology has shown that every detail of the Bible that we are able to check up on so far has been 100% accurate. We have no reason to doubt it and the willingness of the witnesses to suffer torture and death rather than change their testimony of what they claimed to have seen and heard adds even greater credibility to the Gospels.

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    Actually there are many recorded instances of miracles done by God through Joseph Smith just like the recorded instances in the Book of Acts:

    By the way, Brigham Young didn't aid Joseph Smith in "creating this religion". In fact, he didn't join until years after it was created... after years of investigating it for himself. He never saw the gold plates, either. He was not numbered among the 11 witnesses who did see and handle the gold plates, all of whom never denied their testimonies even after some leaving the Church. Joseph Smith did many great and mighty miracles by the power of the holy priesthood, and I have been fortunate enough to have been able to bring miracles to people's lives through the priesthood of God.

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    Umm... which particular one Mormon are you concerning once you assert "the Mormon"?? besides, to fantastically answer your question we ought to be on the same web page. My very own opinion is that "Mormons" do no longer ought to inevitably have faith that Joseph Smith completed miracles. Joseph Smith grew to become right into a prophet and a guy, no longer the Savior. To my awareness, there ARE documented activities from early Latter-day Saint history that coach Joseph Smith appearing marvelous issues (which some human beings ought to classify as miracles), yet merely for the duration of the potential of the Holy Ghost and the potential of the priesthood. you may decide to have faith the Jesus completed miracles, no longer Joseph Smith. Your premise is off the mark and misguided.

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    First of all Joseph Smith NEVER sold snake oil and Brigham YOUNG wasn't around to see the plates. The church was restored to and through Joseph. And... if you ever took the time to read some actual church history you would find a plethora of miracles noted!

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    Hi LOJ,

    You may want to check into your Josephus reference. There was actually a second prominent person named Jesus around that same time. Using the context of the rest of Josephus' writings it actually makes more sense to attribute his statements to the "other Jesus" (ie, not Jesus of Nazareth).

    As far as the Joseph Smith question is concerned, mormons do believe that Joseph Smith performed miracles. They also believe that he gave true and accurate prophecies of the future (excluding his statements about quaker-like people living on the moon, lol).

    Hope that helps!


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    OK...gonna try to be understanding here. THere were 12 men that saw the Plates that Joseph translated the Book of Mormon from. There were many miracles that were done. Let me give you an example. Joseph Smith, Himself was drug from his home and tarred and feathered. He was left for dead yet managed to live and go the next day to preacha Sunday Sermon. I too have proof of all that I believe. I choose to believe it. YOu choose to mock it.

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    Why didnt Jesus have more belviable miricales.

    Like healing amputees or maybe inventing a car.

    Seriously walking on water just sounds like a magic trick


    "No so with Mormonism, all they did was say "believe me" basically. ^_^"

    How is that diffrenent from christainity. Why should we belive a 2000 year old book.

    Just cause the bible says something dosent make it true. You cant belive everything you read

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    No man living (or dead) had miracles. All religious "leaders" from the beginning of man's speculation about how things came to be, have been charlatans and "snake oil salesmen".

    I can't see how anyone could possibly have believed in any of them.


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    ok well it can be argued that Jesus had no miracles either. so my question to you is why do you believe a man who had no miracles?

    Everybody has different beliefs and as long as they are not up their own *** preaching about it, like most of the christians on here unfortunately, you should just respect their beliefs, even if its crazy and foreign to you.

    Think for yourselves people!!!!!

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