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What price should be paid to win back safety for American citizens in our own cities?

For example, gang activity, meth users robbing, assaulting, and murdering for enough cash to get their next fix. The current system obviously is failing to keep control and keep our law-abiding citizens safe. What is necessary? What is moral?

Personally, I think it's time we instituted an immediate and unwaivable death penalty for any adult gang member, any rapist or child molester, any murderer, any mugger or armed robber. Why are we giving these people such slack when they so callously take the lives of innocents or otherwise ruin their lives?

What do you think should be done?

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    hey good debatable topic,

    Im from London, and i live in .umm...lets just say.. my neighborhoods got the worst crime rate London! robbery, gangs, stabbing that's the norm around here.

    I understand your point on introducing the death penalty, but in my opinion, that's not going to work a tiny bit! Its actually going to make it worse for the government, you would end up getting more human rights protests than gang wars in a week if you implemented that! ( I know! pretty unfair but that's reality)

    So this is what i think needs to be done.

    The government needs to get the root cause of this behavior; its not as easy as it seems but nevertheless needs to be sorted!

    1. Poverty- well even in a first world country, this is probably the most common factor, a vicious cycle, where everything turns against the people; You cant get a job so you dont have cash and you end up stealing you join a gang and end up not getting a job(etc you get the point).

    hows the government going to sort this out,??? ummm, more work opportunities, skills workshops. financial aid.etc. BUT this ends up worsening the situation, especially the financial aid, This works in a weird way causing a chain reaction of laziness in the family affected, well the reason is simple, they getting free money anyway so they dont work, and have more time to spend loitering around. (ending up on the street anyway)

    Well the real fix would be to introduce stricter regulations(financial aid applications) , more power to the police and local community groups.(more power means they have more freedom to do as needed to offenders)

    Community groups are actually the best way to go forward, but it is a painfully slow process, There would be more adults going onto the street than into the centres...etc....(2 more pages of work where that came from)

    2. how does the government stop it from happening to a law abiding citizen ( i.e protect the innocent)

    Its true that the innocent are the actual victims here, lives get ruined coz of this kind of activity, It is a pretty unfortunate circumstance...wrong place wrong time..I understand you would like to get some justice done, but seriously would killing (death penalty) actually make you better? what would you rather want the offender to do??(open to discussion)

    3. In the end its down to the parents of the offenders. I know how this sounds a bit farfetched but its time we go back to the old days! where adults can beat up their child( i mean discipline) (not kill) and sort them out from childhood, schools need to do more than detention(thats just a lame punishment). I read an article where people who actually follow a religion have a better quality of life than others(open to intepretation) but i believe this is true, you get some teachings that deter you from getting into all this stuff when your an adult! so parents?? goverment could start some kind of parent child upbringing lessons(i know its in vain, the parents would bother anyway)

    well, I would go on and on, but need to go to work, so just to finsih off, I know my opinion may not be what your point of view is, but please no hate comments! (if you really want to place a hate comment consider yourself worse than the peole mentioned in the question)

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    Sassy and Princess Yum Yum both give good answers. What did Adam's descendants inherit? Separation from God. Separation from God's way and thinking. Through temptation into sin both Adam and Eve chose to be apart from the Creator. Pride is often the first cardinal sin listed. Through pride a person or a group does not admit error. Like Adam blaming Eve a person will justify a mistake. So to do organizations often by claiming their followers were in error and misunderstood. Obviously born into separation is the state of all from Adam. This is the state that a person receives and is often called inherited sin. All sin is covered by the shed blood of our Lord and Savior. Actions of selfishness from self centered thinking is separation from God which is sin. Certain groups tempt to the fleshly life and happiness in the flesh. This temptation is through a paradise world and eternal physical life. This is the particular specialty of the demon "Jeh" or "Jah". This information is even on the internet. This info may be found with a little work. This is the origin of the original temptation and the first choice made in opposition to God Almighty, that is to be as God and not die. The fleshly/physical tempting demon "Jeh" is a tower of Zoroastrian religion. Zoroastrianism began in Babylon a city of old Persia. From here also comes chess which has four watchtowers called rooks. Within certain occult circles watchtowers representing north, east, west, and south are used representing power structures of knowledge and control.

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    I think you should just drive around in a car with a sunroof and just stand up and shoot people that you don't like the look of, Bob.

    Save our judicial system a lot of time and money.

    You're a real humanitarian, Bob.

    Shoot em cause you wanna save their lives.

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    how are people supposed to be happy and live life working their *** off for 8bucks an hour. people who have and come from nothing see rich people born with a silver spoon in their mouth and say what is it to them if i take some of their money that their just going to blow on some material possessions anyway, or a huge corporation that profits insanely off people

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    We need stricter gun controls but the NRA refuses to consider it.

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    I like your thinking!

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    kill the bad people

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