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If a company goes public today, what is the first year they have to be SOX 404 compliant?

I'm trying to do a little research.....was hoping for a start....

For example, let's say I go public today (2009), what is the first year I have to be SOX 404 compliant? Is it the the same for small or large company? Non-Accelerated or Accelerated file?

If possible, can you post a link for the source.....maybe an SEC ruling/site....

Thanks in advance

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    The last I heard mandatory compliance deadlines have been extended to companies with year end post 12/19/2009. This is also non-requisite for non-reporting public companies. For reporting companies, a PCAOB account and SEC attorney will (or should) outline all of the company specific deadlines. If you have further details I can give you more exact information. Feel free to contact me or my partner at the website (our corporate) listed below.

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