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Are the palestinian arabs friends of Lebanon?

The Lebanese people defend palestinians.And how did the palestinians treat the Lebanese,when the Arafat´s PLO started the civil war in Lebanon?

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    For Arab residents of south Lebanon, PLO rule was a nightmare. After the PLO was expelled from Jordan by King Hussein in 1970, many of its cadres went to Lebanon. The PLO seized whole areas of the country, where it brutalized the population and usurped Lebanese government authority.

    On October 14, 1976, Lebanese Ambassador Edward Ghorra told the UN General Assembly the PLO was bringing ruin upon his country: “Palestinian elements belonging to various splinter organizations resorted to kidnaping Lebanese, and sometimes foreigners, holding them prisoners, questioning them, and even sometimes killing them.”

    Columnists Rowland Evans and Robert Novak, not known for being sympathetic toward Israel, declared after touring south Lebanon and Beirut that the facts "tend to support Israel's claim that the PLO has become permeated by thugs and adventurers."

    The columnists talked to a doctor whose farm had been taken over without compensation by the PLO, and turned into a military depot. "You ask how do we like the Israelis," he said. "Compared to the hell we have had in Lebanon, the Israelis are brothers." Other Lebanese — Christian and Muslim alike — gave similar accounts.

    Countless Lebanese told harrowing tales of rape, mutilation and murders committed by PLO forces. The PLO "killed people and threw their corpses in the courtyards. Some of them were mutilated and their limbs were cut off. We did not go out for fear that we might end up like them," said two Arab women from Sidon. "We did not dare go to the beach, because they molested us, weapons in hand." The women spoke of an incident, which occurred shortly before the Israeli invasion, in which PLO men raped and murdered a woman, dumping her body near a famous statue. A picture of the victim's mangled corpse had been printed in a local newspaper.

    Dr. Khalil Torbey, a distinguished Lebanese surgeon, told an American journalist that he was "frequently called in the middle of the night to attend victims of PLO torture. I treated men whose testicles had been cut off in torture sessions. The victims, more often than not, were...Muslims. I saw men — live men — dragged through the streets by fast-moving cars to which they were tied by their feet."

    New York Times correspondent David Shipler visited Damour, a Christian village near Beirut, which had been occupied by the PLO since 1976, when Palestinians and Lebanese leftists sacked the city and massacred hundreds of its inhabitants. The PLO, Shipler wrote, had turned the town into a military base, "using its churches as strongholds and armories" (New York Times, June 21, 1982).

    When the IDF drove the PLO out of Damour in June 1982, Prime Minister Menachem Begin announced that the town's Christian residents could come home and rebuild. Returning villagers found their former homes littered with spray-painted Palestinian nationalist slogans, Fatah literature and posters of Yasser Arafat. They told Shipler how happy they were that Israel had liberated them.

    EDIT:Unforsakenme,let me pay your attention to the fact that the question was not about if the Lebanese consider palestinian arabs their friends,but if the palestinian arabs consdier Lebanese as friends.And looks like they don´t.

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    I'm Lebanese, and I love my Palestinian brothers.

    Though, only probably half of Lebanon feel the same way as me.

    The others feel as if they are a burden.

    I wish that someday they will have a place to call home, instead of a refugee camp. ):

    EDIT: "Unforsakenme,let me pay your attention to the fact that the question was not about if the Lebanese consider palestinian arabs their friends,but if the palestinian arabs consdier Lebanese as friends.And looks like they don´t."

    Oh, thanks for catching on to my slowness, as usual. (:

    But I don't see why not, we try to help them as much as we can.

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    no. lebanon still keeps its palestinian population in camps. they can't leave, get jobs, vote, attain citizenship, or anything.

    palestinians in israel are citizens with full civil rights.

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    no , they even dont let them visit lebanon or even make transit in it .

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