If it was possible would want to keep it WWE or go back to WWF?Why?Does it matter to you as much now as it did?


you forget WWF didnt always have that sort of stuff.I was saying if they could change it back.

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and wrestling is by definition isv iolent.

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    i agree WWF Attitude had promise,but now the WWE is appealing to the kids fans instead of the adult fans, what happened to RUTHLESS AGGRESSION! Even the kiss my *** club got plenty of laughs.WWE is more predictable now more than ever before. they need better story lines besides the fueds the wrestlers have with the McMahon Family.

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    Okay Keep An Open Mind, WWE Should Go WCW.... One One Hand You Are Named World Wrestling Entertainment...

    On The Other, You Have The Name Of World Championship Wrestling!

    Tell Me, Which Sounds Better To You?

    And WWE Cannot Go Back To WWF, They Lost Out THE WWF Name To World Wildlife Foundation

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    It has never mattered to me, Just because WWE is less violent doesn't mean its less entertaining, i love it just as much now as i did back in the day, if it where me i would keep it WWE 1. because they could get sued again and 2. because i think its good that kids can watch something without having sex and violence shoved in there face.

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    When I grew up is was WWWF so even WWF wouldn't be going back far enough.

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  • 1 decade ago

    they cant go back to wwf because it is another organization i wouldnt care if they changed it any way

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