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Wold you Expect the Initial Production of H1N1 Vaccine to Be Low?


Sorry, "Would"

Update 2:

Thanks .*., I Often Wondered Why the N Antigen wasn't Used in Vaccines, Currently, Only H Antigens Are Used In Parental Vaccines.

Update 3:

.*., Sorry, "Parenteral".

Update 4:

Of Interest:


FLUVIRIN® is a trivalent, sub-unit (purified surface antigen) influenza virus

vaccine prepared from virus propagated in the allantoic cavity of embryonated hens’ eggs

inoculated with a specific type of influenza virus suspension containing neomycin and

polymyxin. Each of the influenza virus strains is harvested and clarified separately by

centrifugation and filtration prior to inactivation with betapropiolactone. The inactivated

virus is concentrated and purified by zonal centrifugation. The surface antigens,

hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, are obtained from the influenza virus particle by

further centrifugation in the presence of nonylphenol ethoxylate, a process which

removes most of the internal proteins. The nonylphenol ethoxylate is removed from the

surface antigen preparation.

FLUVIRIN® is a homogenized, sterile, slightly opalescent suspension in a

phosphate buffered saline. FLUVIRIN® has

Update 5:

FLUVIRIN® has been standardized according to USPHS

requirements for the 2008-2009 influenza season and is formulated to contain 45 mcg

Novartis Vaccines and Diagnostics Limited BLA 1750

July 2008

hemagglutinin (HA) per 0.5-mL dose in the recommended ratio of 15 mcg HA of each of

the following 3 strains: A/Brisbane/59/2007(H1N1); A/Uruguay/716/2007 (H3N2), an

A/Brisbane/10/2007-like strain; and B/Florida/4/2006.

Update 6:

Note: After Initial Purification, the H and Ns Show Up, but Only the HAs Are In the Final Product. I Heard they Are Separated By Some "Easy" Chromotography(Sp?).

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    yes the year production would be max 600 million does provided we stop making other flu vaccines, Two shots will be needed so three hundred million people from 6 billion will immuniased, however as it is H1 and not H2 H3 or H4 older people will already have immunity

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    Frankly when the N1 component mutates, and I suspect it will, any specific vaccine for the H1N1 will be a waste of time and money.

    What has spread out of Mexico in as a second and third generation infection of the H1N1 has already shown signs of weakening as it gets into populations that have already seen the H1 component in previous waves fo flu.

    I have not had a flu shot since 1975. Each year I get a little cold like reaction to the flu, and yes I know for a fact I have had the flu at least 8 times since 197 because my doctors have been amazed that I have not gotten sicker than I have. OH Well!!

    I plan to allow nature to resolve the issues with the flu and create natural immunities to the virus' as they come along.

    Frankly, I think I am better for it.

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