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Is depression common with fibromyalgia?

I'm 19 and was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia. At the time of my diagnosis i was really calm and collected but now, a few months later, i'm starting to get depressed. I've withdrawn from my friends, I'm feeling empty and all I can see in my future is pain. I really need some help.

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    yes it could be one association but when u say i was calm that mean it is because of the disease and after its awareness that has caused this depression

    shred off this extra load of worries and anxieties and i hope u will be comfortable

    it is not a dangerous disease relax yourself and enjoy a good happy and energetic life

    good luck

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    you are very lucky to have a diagnosis so young.

    my aunt went through tests for years for symptoms we now know are "fibro".

    i would say she suffered more depression by not knowing than now that she does know.

    she has made informed decisions on her treatment which include both medication and natural forms. bowen therapy and quantum touch are things she finds really fantastic, and always feels so much better after having the treatments.

    i think it is easy to say what the first answerer said when they dont know the amount of pain this can cause your body.

    try and stay with your group of friend as these guys will be the ones who get you out of bed when you feel like staying in it, your future dosnt have to be pain, yep bad days are likely but with support from friends and family you will realise that there are the good days that help you forget the bad days.

    good luck and definitely try the natural therapies.

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    Hi there, im really sorry to here you have these struggles and challenges ahead of you, it must have been a huge shock to your system. Well depression is quit common when we are faced with hard or sad situations.Like your mind start thinking negative ie: my life is not going to be good or theres nothing good to come and after a while it becomes seconfd nature to put ourselves down and have more and more un realistic negitive thoughts that we believe.

    I was actually really sick a few yrs ago, i was cronically ill and spent the first three months in bed and starving because even if i tried eating a tiny bit of food i would vomit it up with clear fluid.The pain was the worste it was constant the only peace i had was sleep and i slept as often as i could cause atleast once a day when i was awake i experienced nausa n massive head spins and i honestly felt eveyday i had a near death experience.

    So after a while of being sick i developed depression,wanted to stab my stomach so the Dr's could get me straight into hospital until they found what was wrong.

    They still havnt diagnosed what is causing the symptoms but life is better and even enjoyable because life eventually does get better although we all have really rough periods.

    So yes it's natural to be depressed and posibly have anxiety and you are not alone ok.

    First you have to work with what is actually making you have neg thoughts to feel depressed.

    That means comming up with a health plan to help you in any way with this diagnosis of fibromyalgia, drink plenty of water,come up with a healthy diet plain.

    Then work on changing those negitive thoughts around,if you have a negitive thought challenge it cause it's not often true we just naturally assume or think the worst, so turn the neg thoughts around and force yourself to look at positives and treat yourself like a best friend dont be hard on yourself support yourself.

    Thirdly, when people get depressed we alienate ourselves from our friends and family, there is a time for us to healthly grieve and have time to ourselves but too much can be real bad and get worse nworse.

    So i think now it's time for you to open up to people you feel comfy with let people into your life cause you have so much to give and even in time support others like you through community services and vulunteer work.

    You have to force yourself to get out, not to parties or crap like that but go out for a coffie or tea or hot chock with fam or friends, you prob dont feel like it but the longer you leave it the harder it will get and you may end up being isolated completly.

    So dont hide yourself away you have so much too give and this is your time to break through these hard times and dont let them hold you down let your light shine for others to see.

    depression can be beaten, but it's not the medication that will cure it in the end, it's hard work by you and re wiring your thought pattern.

    This is quit common for teenagers to get real depressed and later stages for many in life but fortunitly you can overcome it with mind power and healthy thought patterns,so remember challenge neg thoughts even if at first you dont believe it will get better try and believe it will and say it will cause lol it will get better friend.

    Everyone has big challenges in life, it's what we do and how we handle them that make us who we are!

    Also consider exercise it releases endourfens in your brain that make you feel happy and is actually a one treatment for depression, you should try new hobbies too, i get into the electric guitar and love it, i want to start a band i need a female vocalist you any good?

    other hobbies you could try ie: lattern dancing classes they could hook you up with a partner pos or learn how to help others in the community that also need help and voulunteer, getting out of the house is important.

    you dont need luck or strenght you just need to do it and you will be fine when you get into a comfy zone. By friend

    Add on: Sorry i know ive basically written a book so far but if you are experiencing alot of pain it must be managed,i know how it feels to have constant pain and im on pain medication used for drug addicts lol but it works and i like it cause it doesnt make me feel out of it or dif which is so much better than other pain killers that smash you, they suck you need a clear mind but yeah get good treatment,find the best meds that suit you and trust me, i never thought i would lived past those times i thought even if the pain pasisted like after 6 months i begged and couldnt stand it i was willimng to do anything to stop the pain but i wasnt selfish and got as many doctors before i found how to manage it and i cant believe even though i still have some problems im living kindov content and happy it will happen for you frioend your not alone

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