What did the doctor mean about a velvet layer?? Smear test?

I had a smear test done the other day and the doctor said it looked as thought i had, a pink velvet looking layer accross my cervix??

What would this be?? Is is bad? How does it go away? Would this stop you from getting pregnant???

Thank you for answering!

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  • 1 decade ago
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    Iv never heard that term before but it could be a cervical erosion where a bit of your uterus comes out of the cervix and this can look pink as I have had one, Its common (especially if your on the pill) and treatable although it sounds awful. Iv just had a baby so the answer is no i didnt have any treatment mine went by itself. This is just an idea best to ask your doctor to explain what he meant as he really should have done anyway. Did he say what he was going to do about it?

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