acer aspire 4310 proplem in wireless driver adjusting it it is broadcom 802.1 lb|g WLAN the origl drive not ok?

Iwant solution for adjusting wireless lan

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  • 1 decade ago
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    This seems to be a driver problem; which is cool because they take long but are very easy to fix.

    If the problem is you erased the driver for your Broadcom card and can't get it back, try this link in order to get the driver:

    **After you get the driver, follow these instructions:

    right click on my computer and go to properties>> then click hardware tab>> open device manager>> go to network adaptors and find the one that has a yellow ?>> and right click on it and select update driver. >>choose the driver and select --have disk>> then point to location that you extracted the broadcom folder to and it will install your broadcom based wlan card.

    Hope this helps man

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