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I need fender bender advice...? Can i still file/act upon a car insurance (USAA) claim (its been 3 months)?

i was in a fender bender on February 4th, where the driver bumped into me, didnt cause alot of damage (or so i thought)...which was basically a few scratches. We exchanged contact information (drivers license and car insurance information). I offered to not call the car insurance company and let the driver pay me under the table at his convenience (so it could possibly be cheaper for him). I called my car insurance company a few minutes after we parted (i have USAA) to warn them that i was in a fender bender. I then went to a few companies to see what the price/estimate for my rear bumper was and it totaled about $600. I have been in contact with the guy who hit me off and on, but he has not gotten around to pay me for the damages. Not acting upon my insurance, can i still file a claim? its been nearly 3 months since the collision. Is there a grace period though my insurance company???

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    Of course you can. But the insurance company will give you a lot of heartache for waiting 3 months. By not reporting it, they may even deny the claim.

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