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用自己的話寫成英文 辯論要用的

以這些論述在反墮胎人士看來則有如芒刺在背。在一九七三年Roe vs. Wade判決確定前,「擁護生命權」的呼聲主要以天主教專業人士為主。他們認為生命起自於受孕的那一剎那,因此墮胎不僅違背了上帝的旨意,避孕也是一種扼殺生命的人為手段(這也是何以美國要遲至一九六五年以後,夫妻才可以合法施行避孕的原因)。於是避孕、墮胎都是對純潔生命的謀害。從而舉凡提供、使用、教導、媒介、鼓吹墮胎者,都被視為殘害幼小生命的凶手,得以科以刑罰。而墮胎非法的結果,則使得絕大多數的婦女必須以高昂的代價尋找密醫施行墮胎,結果則經常造成受術者的感染,甚至不幸致死。







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    These claims strongly agitated anti-abortionists. Before the verdict of Roe vs. Wade case in 1973, “pro life” mostly was advocated by Catholic groups. They believe that human life should be valued from the moment of conception. Abortions disobey God’s wills, and conceptions are deemed as means of murdering human life (these were the reasons why contraception was not fully legalized until 1965 in the United States). Based on anti-abortionists’ theories, contraception, and abortion were carrying sins of killing young life. Any source of supply, application, instruction, or medium contradicted to the law, as a murderer. This movement eventually led to numerous deaths of pregnant women caused by infections during the processes of illegal abortions performed by unlicensed surgeons.

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    舉例來說 "性交易合法化"就常會出現不合道德的論述(不過乍聽之下卻莫名有理)

    以上是我的小小意見 如有冒犯請多包涵喔

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    要知道最高法院判決Roe v Wade案的關鍵不是宗教或支持生命與否

    而是憲法第14條修正文中的Due Process Clause



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    Instead is aborting the public figure by these elaboration to look like has like feels uneasy.In 1973 Roe vs. Before Wade decision determination, “support life power” call mainly by Catholicism professional primarily.They thought the life gets up from in that 剎 that which becoming pregnant, not only therefore aborted has violated God's decree, the contraception also was one kind (how strangled the life the artificial method this also is US must late to 1965 after, husbands and wives only then may legitimately execute contraceptive reason).Therefore the contraception, the abortion all is to chaste life plotting to murder.All thus provides, the use, the guidance, the medium, the promotion abortion, all is regarded as cruelly harms the immature life the murderer, can the branch by the penalty.But aborts the illegal result, then causes 絕 the majority women to have to seek the dense medical execution by the soaring price to abort, then finally creates frequently the technique infection, even unfortunate lethal.

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