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急! 麻煩幫幫我,中翻英(不要雅虎翻譯)送20點






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    (完全自翻 沒有用網路翻譯機)


    (建議在翻的時候不要逐字翻 翻好後要自己讀翻的部份 看看有沒有奇怪的地方)



    The different prices are set depending on the types or the weight of the goods. The prices are all within one hundred dollars.


    When you collect 100 points, you may exchange it with commodities or other small things.


    You get 5 percent off when you purchase 3 to 5 packets, 10 percent off when you purchase 6 to 10 packets, and so on.


    We also have electronic newsletters available to inform the customers the newest deals.

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    1.Set the different price according to the line of goods and the weight, the price in 100 Yuan

    2.The collection spot full 100 spots may purchase by barter the commodity or other little things

    3.Buys 3~5 package to be possible the discount 95 booklets, buys 6~10 package to be possible the discount 9 to fold ex analogia

    4.The manufacture electron newspaper, tells the customer the most recent news

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