Could someone explain kbps in simple terms?

When I burn or download songs I aim for ones with at least 128 kbps (that seems to be the average) and will go higher if possible because I understand that the amount of kbps has to do with the sound quality. And it obviously stands for something like "kilobytes per second". Could somebody explain how a higher amount of kbps indicates better sound quality in the simplest terms possible?

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  • 1 decade ago
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    I think it is kilobits per second. Here is what i get-

    Beats are created because of the difference in frequency of the sound waves. They make the sound too loud at one point of the wave, and silent at the other point of the wave. When there are less beats per second they take more time to occur, then the silent or loudness sometimes gets detectable by normal ears. So the sound or music losses its quality and sounds bad. But if there are more beats per second, they occur fast. So the change in sound is not detected by normal ears. The more the bit rate, the harder it is to detect the change in sound. So the music seems to be continuous, and it makes it sound nice.

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