What Are The Correct Songs & Words For 92.5 JOE FM & 103.9 CISN Country In Edmonton For Thursday,May 7th.2009?

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    Answers for CISN 103.9 Edmonton & Country 105 Calgary


    7am Song = If I Could Make A Living

    7:15 Word = Buttons

    BBFF = Everything That Glitters

    9am Song = All Summer Long

    Work Word = Phone

    10:15 Word = Tractor

    12pm Artist = Darius Rucker - worked for me

    2pm Song = I'm Alright

    2:15 Word = Drive

    4:15 Word = Concert

    5pm Song = I Like It, I Love It

    Most Wanted = It Won't Be Like This For Long - worked for me

    8:15 Word = Sunshine - worked for me

    Wine Country Trivia = 27

    Country 105:

    7am Song = Something Like That

    Work Word = Belt

    1st Song @ Lunch = You're Gonna Miss This

    Top 3 @ 3 = Out Last Night

    5pm Song = Sold

    City Of Calgary Trivia = Shampoo and detergent bottles

    BONUS CODES: Rising Star = Finals

    Shaw GMC = Shaw GMC

    Trivia for Both:

    Country Music = C

    Games = Red

    Hello Mr. Prime Minister = A

    How Stuff Works = Bankruptcy

    Let's Go Green Canada = C

    Resale Rights = Dollar Sign

    Sleuth = Rock

    Sports = C

    This Day In Canadian History = A

    Have a great day everyone

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    Answers for CISN 103.9 Edmonton & Country 105 Calgary CISN: Guesses worked @ 12am 7am Song = Already Gone 7:15 Word = Award BBFF = Fishin' In The Dark 9am Song = You Belong To Me Work Word = Coffee 10:15 Word = Coffee 12pm Artist = Brad Paisley 2pm Song = Mr. Mom 2:15 Word = Stadium 4:15 Word = Football 5pm Song = Somebody Like You Most Wanted = Sideways 8:15 Word = Popcorn Country 105: 7am Song = Online 7:15 Word = Baltimore Work Word = Fan 10:15 Word = Cleveland 1st Song @ Lunch = It Happens Top 3 @ 3 = Sideways 4:15 Word = Denver 5pm Song = Sold Trivia: City Of Edmonton = Academic Country Music = B Games = 4 Hello Mr. Prime Minister = A Home Depot = Plant Care Guides How Stuff Works = An Inverter Kingsway Mall = Cookies Let's Go Green Canada = C Paradise RV = Motorcoaches, Toterhomes and Race car stacker trailers Sleuth = Fortunate Sports = B This Day In Canadian History = A Happy Hump Day Everyone

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    Taylor Swift - Cold As You

    Nascar - Jimmie Johnson

    Employment - Understand Determination vs. Desperation

    How Stuff Works - Defined Contribution Plans

    New Video - Green


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    Good Morning

    champs: A 1

    Employment Trivia Brad Karsh

    games: red (During the game Crazy Taxi, what colr is the Taxi )

    hello mr president: C Oysters

    How Stuff Works: Bancruptcy

    Music C I'm Natasha

    New Video: Skillet (what does Rachel Ray use to hit the meat in the bag with )

    This day in history: B New Orleans

    video on Demand C Kids

    world: A New Orleans

    Prayers to all

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    7 If I Could Make A Living

    7:15 buttons

    BBFF Everything That Glitters

    9 All Summer Long

    WW phone

    10:15 tractor

    12 Keith Urban

    2 I'm Alright

    2:15 drink worked

    4:15 count worked

    5 I Like It, I Love It

    CCMW Then

    8:15 finish worked

    Escape To Penticton - 27


    Maureen's Last Word - Jon and Kate worked

    Spring Into Penticton - Skaha Bluffs

    9 Small Town

    11 Fly

    2 Relax

    6 Wicked Game

    8 True

    Air Mail Bonus Code - Fore


    Bob Layton - 238

    Sleuth - rock

    Games 'n eCards Trivia - red

    HowStuffWorks.ca Trivia - defined contribution plans

    Resale Trivia - dollar sign

    Hopefully this rain will have helped!

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    Good Morning Everyone,

    93.7 - MIKEFM & 107.3 - WAAF - Boston, MA

    Brides.com Trivia = Artichoke leaves

    Champ or Chump Trivia = c) The Hand of God

    Champions = a) 1

    Employment Trivia = Brad Karsh

    Games 'n eCards Trivia = Red

    Hello, Mr. President = c) Oysters

    HowStuffWorks.com Trivia = Bankruptcy

    Just in Time for Mother's Day! = Anniversary

    Music Challenge = b) Dirty Laundry

    New Video Trivia = Skillet

    Rock Music Trivia = b) False

    Sleuth Trivia = Rock

    This Day In U.S History = b) New Orleans

    Top Quality Schools Trivia = request information

    Where In The World? = a) New Orleans

    Alternatively, you can copy and paste


    to get credit on all trivia questions.

    Mike (rimsk)

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    Happy Thursday One and All....

    Artist - Joe Nichols

    Andy's -

    Taylor Swift - Fifteen

    Nascar - Martinsville Speedway

    Country Music - C

    Games 'n eCards - Red

    Hello, Mr. President - C

    This Day In History - B

    HowStuffworks.com - Bankruptcy

    Video of The Day - Skillet

    Where in This World - A

    Employment - Brad Karsh

    Just in Time - Anniversary

    Sleuth - Rock

    US99.5 Newsletter - Lilac

    All Access #99 -Emerson

    May all of our families and friends get healthy and stay safe.

    Thumbs up to one and all. Remember to return and give a thumbs up to those who have answered after you.

    Joan K

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    Good Morning Everyone........

    5/06/09 Wednesday's

    (Andys) Cherry Chip

    (Nascar) Martinsville speedway

    (Taylor) Fifteen

    (Sleuth) Banjo

    (Purple H) Anniversary

    5/07/09 Thursday's

    (Artist) Joe Nichols

    (Country) C

    (Employ) Brad Karsh

    (Games) Red

    (Hello) C

    (How Stuff) Bankruptcy

    (This Day) B

    (Video) Skillet

    (Where In) A

    (Access 99) Emerson

    (Newsletter) Lilac

    (Nashville) Seals

    Daily Prayers for all Yahoo Families and Friends..

    To continue to become healthy and strong...

    Happy Birthday / Happy Anniversary to all celebrating!

    Have A Great Day!!


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    This is the only link working for WXTU Philadelphia to get points. http://925xtu.listenernetwork.com/

    Brides.com: artichoke leaves

    Country Music Trivia: c) Jesus Take The Wheel

    Employment Trivia: Brad Karsh

    Games: red

    Hello Mr. President: c) Oysters

    Howstuffworks.com: bankruptcy

    Video of the Day Trivia: skillet

    This Day in U.S. History: b) New Orleans

    Where in the world: a) New Orleans

    Top Quality Schools - request information

    Sleuth - rock

    92.5 WXTU - Philadelphia

    on air trivia

    My Three Songs - vacation 5/7

    Country Cafe - Sunday, but vacation for points 5/7

    Make It or Break It - vacation 5/7

    Newsletter code - spring

    Music survery - qzc654


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    Country Music Trivia: C) Jesus, take the wheel

    Employment Trivia: Brad Karsh (who wrote “How to Make the Most From Networking"

    Games: red (crazy taxi color?)

    Hello Mr. President: C) Oysters

    Howstuffworks.com: bankruptcy

    Video of the Day Trivia: skillet )Rachel Ray use to hit meat in a bag with?)

    This Day in U.S. History: B) New Orleans

    Where in the world: A) New Orleans

    Newsletter: Lilac

    Artist: Joe

    Andy’s Frozen custard: cherry (5/6)

    Nascar:Martinville (5/6)

    Taylor: fifteen (5/6)

    All Access: #98 Chulianne 99 Emerson

    Wish we could send you our rain from yesterday!

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