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What fish do I add to my 55 gallon tropical fish tank?

I recently bought a 55 gallon tank and need some help on what fish i should add. I dont really just want all tiny fish that are friendly tho I want there to be at least one "big fish".

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    LISTEN TO ME, LISTEN TO ME. do NOT put a big fish with SMALL fish the smaller fish will get eaten, if u want a big fish u must make sure it doesnt eat smaller fish, for the "tiny friendly fish" i would suggest the following

    3 cory cats for the bottom clean up

    1 centipede ghost knife fish, OR 1 striped peacock eel

    1 bristle nose pleco

    those are ur best options of bottom dwelling fish that will get along with the following mid dweller fish:

    1 severum

    1 blood parrot

    1 angelfish

    those were the mid dwellers, not here are the top dwellers:

    4 fascinating giantr danios, they are very pretty, and add lots of movement to ur tank

    it can be either the 4 giant danios or a needlefish, if u dont like the needlefish which grows only to 12" then u can get an odd looking african butterfly fish

    this is a great combo that will attract lots of people, go read a few articles on how to keep a senegal bichir, those things are VERY FUN to keep, but they can not mix with smaller fish.

    if u upgrade later on in the future although u dont have to, u can get a bala shark, they are not true sharks, but are really cool, their fins look sharp, they are also called silver sharks, i really love them, maybe if you see a pic of them u willl too

    Source(s): own all of the above in the same tank
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    Plecos or loaches like clowns or yoyos are usually good choices for big fish in a small-fish tank. They're plant-eating and don't bother other inhabitants. I would strongly recommend putting bogwood in your tank and providing lots of plants, and feeding algae and plants at least once a day. Loaches tend to school, so I would stick with the pleco if you're going to go this route.

    Alternatively, an angelfish community, with paired angelfish, some larger tetras like rummy noses or cardinals or congos, or some livebearers like platies or mollies, and some bottom-feeders like, again, loaches, plecos, corydoras (tiny!), or otos (even tinier!). Try to avoid going too small (stick with fish that are two inches or more), or else your tiny fish will become a snack for the angels.

    Some ideas for your tiny fish:

    Neon tetras

    Cardinal tetras

    Rummy-nose tetras

    Harlequin rasboras

    Dwarf rasboras

    Corydoras catfish


    Glowlight tetras

    Zebra danio (nippy)

    Black Skirt Tetra (nippy)

    Cherry barbs

    That's some of the most common ones. I would recommend visiting your local fish stores and picking and choosing which ones you like the look of, and then going home and researching all of them. A good source to start on research is the Aquarium Wiki.

    Source(s): Three years personal experience
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    As you big fish I would recommend an Angelfish.

    As for your other fish try:

    -6 Hatchets

    -4 Killifish

    -5 male Swordtails

    -3 Kuhli Loaches

    -6 Harlequin Rasboras

    -6 Albino Corydoras

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    Be carefull.. 'big' fish usually eat small fish.

    I would suggest a gourami as your big fish, and some larger community or semi-agressive fish to go with it.

    Kribensis or Keyhole Cichlids.

    Rainbow fish

    Congo Tetras

    Tiger barbs

    Yoyo Loaches

    Bristlenose Plecos

    Not all at once, but those are some suggestions anyway, and can all basically live together.


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  • 4 years ago

    That is very overstocked and poorly stocked. I would explain why but instead I'll put it in short. Get rid of: Pleco (too big) Mollies (brackish African Dwarf Frogs (food competition) 5-6 of the Platies (too many) 1 of the Gouramis (too many or not enough depending on species) The Catfish The Minnows (Coldwater) The Scissor tails (not enough) The Guppies (already have Platies) Get rid of all Tetras but the Neons. Once you do that, you could probably add the other 8 Neons but as of now, that is devastatingly overstocked.

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    Well, there are lots of options out there, so first decide on what types of fish you like, If you prefer bigger fish, smaller fish, or medium fish. Also, do you like aggressive fish, moderately aggressive fish, or none aggressive fish. You can get angelfish (small to large), tiger barbs (small to medium), or even Black mollies (small). If you want some bottom feeders on top of those, there's always red clawed crabs (mostly medium), African dwarf frogs (small to large), or even something like some type of shrimp. There are several types of catfish, or sharks that you could get if your into more aggressive type fish. They have catfish of all sizes, and those you can get moderate aggressive, very aggressive, and I'm pretty sure you can get them not aggressive., and they also have sharks of all sizes, but most of those are pretty aggressive. Well, sorry this was so long, but I hope I helped. Have fun with the fish.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Best thing to do is look around online and at stores, and find a fish that you really like, and can thrive in your tank size and conditions. Then, plan the tankmates and setup around that fish.

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  • 1 decade ago

    you have a big tank.. so you have many choice..

    select fish that you like, can fit into your tank and can live together..

    make sure you buy compatible fish and if you have planted tank then i would not recommend any big fish they will uproot the plants. Read this article on common mistakes made people..

    Good Luck,

    We Love our Fish tank

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    I have a sailfin plec, he's around 10 inches long now, he mainly comes out at night but you can see him in the daytime under his rock where he lives. He doesn't eat the small fish.

    Gold Gouramis are nice and colourful, they grow quite big. I had 2 males but the one bullied the other one and it died sadly.

    Source(s): 180L community tank
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  • 1 decade ago

    The one big fish Dojo Loach. They are common to find in pet stores and become pretty big without destroying and mangling the rest of your fish.

    Also, since its worm like they swim funny and are much more interesting then regular fish.

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