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I need some good break up songs?

My boyfriend and i broke up a couple days ago. I wont go into detail, but it was my fault that he broke up with me. We live together and we're trying to work on our relationship, but im feeling kind of down right now and i just want some good songs to listen to.

i always thought country always had the best break up songs, so i prefer country..

however, my favorite genre of music is alternative, rock, heavy metal.. etc.

and please no hip hop or rap.

thank you!

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    Brandon Rhyder -Do You Remember

    Caitlin & Will- Even Now

    Chris Knight - Cry Lonely (2)

    Chuck Wicks -What If You Stay

    Gary Allan - You Don't Know a Thing About Me

    Gary Allan- Tough All Over

    Jason Michael Carroll- no good in goodbye

    Josh Turner - Another Try (Feat. Trisha Yearwood)

    Kenny Chesney- better_as_a_memory

    Montgomery Gentry- Speed

    Randy Rogers Band - I Miss You With Me

    randy rogers band- this is goodbye

    Reckless Kelly - Nobody Haunts Me Like You

    Warren Brothers- Blank Sheet of Paper

    Theory of a Deadman - Not Meant to Be

    Toby keith-Knock yourself out

    Toby Keith- You Caught Me at a Bad Time

    trace adkins- One Nightstand

    Waylon Jennings - We Had It All

    Most are country. I love sad songs!

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    the beatles - yesterday

    kerli - love is dead

    cinematic sunrise - you told me you loved me

    DHT - listen to your heart

    damien rice - 9 crimes

    dear juliet - i need this more than you know

    escape the fate - harder than you know

    foo fighters - tired of you

    hedley - dying to live again

    slipknot - dead memories

    the friday night boys - you do , you dont

    goodnight nurse - goodbye my only

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    miss you by Enrique

    somebody's me by Enrique

    hero by Enrique

    wish i was your lover by Enrique

    sleeping child by mltr

    paint my love my mltr

    the actor by mltr

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    breaking up- Rilo Kiley!

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    candles- the white tie affair

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    80's song - Don't Go Away Mad

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