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How does Allison Iraheta get kicked before Kris Allen?

Is this rigged or is America on crack? Allison Iraheta is the only other contestant with actual recording talent. She will be like Daughtry sing rock never pop and her debut album will out sell anybody else on this season besides Adam Lambert.

I can't believe they kept Kris and Danny over her can you?


Exactly Kris is a teen/ tween hearthrob. There are a ton of singers with more talent than he has, bet you anything his debut effort fails and he will be lucky to get a gig singing on cruise ships when its all said and done.

Allison is remanicent of Joan Jett, Nancy Wilson, Janis Joplin she rocks harder than pop idol Kelly Clarkson hide and watch Allison will be fronting a serious rock band before too long. She is so refreshing in a world full of Britney's, Beyonce's and Maria's. Miley cyrus or demi lavato are not even in the same class Allison can actually sing.

Update 2:

Would just like to say Kilroy Roboto consider top performing front man like Freddy Mercury (Queen) Axle Rose ( Guns n Roses) Billy Armstong ( Green Day) all these guys acted effiminate and kinda dress that way and yet they went on to sell millions and at leasst the first two are rock legends. Adam will go far he has the look, the voice, and the showmansip- wouldn't be surprised to see velvet revolver reconside Royston and offer Adam a gig as their frontman after what Slash said about him.

Update 3:

I have to agree I don't care for the effiment myself, I was only saying that sometimes as in the case of Freddy Mercury eventully the music is bigger, I am not a fan of Queens because they were Queens but because they flat out rocked.

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    I totally agree with you America has to be on friggin crack. Geez they must never put that friggin crack pipe down. I was so mad that my girl Allison got voted off the American Idol tonight but it was no surprise to me at all. After Matt Giraud got voted off last week I knew that Allison was going to be head home this week. Ive been saying for the past couple weeks now that the top 3 were going to be an all guys club with Adam,Danny and Kris in the top 3. This show has become so friggin predictible and transparent it isnt funny. Its so obvious that the judges especially Simon and the producers of the show want an Adam/Danny finale. Adam and Danny have been the judges chosen ones for weeks now. The favortism shown by the judges towards Adam and Danny are so obvious. Allison never got the credit that she deserved. Simon jackass Cowell was always criticising Allison for not showing enough personality yada yada yada while heaping praise upon praise towards Danny and Adam even when they didnt do all that well. Allison was practically thrown under the bus.Allison in my opinion had the most natural raw vocal talent out of the top 4. Allison getting the boot tonight was a total travesty. Hopefully Allison will be getting a record deal soon shes far to talented not to get one. Rock On Allison!!!!

    Kris Allen making it to the top 3 was becuase of his looks. The litte tweeny bopper girls thinks hes so cute. Like you said Kris has the heart-throb looks. These dumb giggly little girls sure isnt voting for vocal talent thats for sure. Kris is boring and lacks the IT factor and star quality.

    Danny Gokey has a good voice and all but like Kris as well he too lacks the IT Factor that star quality. I dont see Danny having as a successful career of Adam cause Danny is more Adult Contemporary a la Clay Aiken. His genre of music falls toward Adult Contemporary. Danny isnt as marketable as Adam and Allison for example and not as mainstream. I almost want to see Danny win just to show what a total joke and travesty American Idol has become. American Idol has become a friggin popularity contest and about what guy whos the cutest etc...People dont vote based on vocal talent anymore. What a joke...

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    Kris was more popular,that's all I can think of. Hopefully, he'll go next week,though,because i actually kind of like Danny (I like Kris too, just not as much as Danny and definitely not as much as Allison).

    But Adam definitely has to win because I totally agree about him being comparable to Freddie Mercury and Axl Rose and all of the great front men of the past. I was in Middle School (I'm 29) when the Glam Rock/Hair Metal phase was ending and it was a dark day when Grunge,then later Pop and Hip-Hop came along and killed the whole stigma of the Rock Star. Rock tried to make a comeback, but today's Rock just isn't the same. But I think Adam could bring it back to how it's supposed to be. The judges see it. Slash even sees it and he used to work with one of the best Rock/Metal front men ever (though I'm sure he regrets it now :p), so for him to say that Adam has pipes and to say tonight that it's good to hear someone do Rock who can actually really sing :), that's HUGE. And I'd also really love if Adam could play in a band with Slash, Velvet Revolver, or whatever. But, hopefully they could at least record a song together (Slash did for Daughtry, so why not?),like the judges said. That would rock.

    PS Daughtry also placed #4 and he just went 5 times Platinum, so I really don't think Allison has anything to worry about. She's amazing. She's like the daughter of Janis Joplin, the little sister of P!nk. I'm sure she'll be fine. Someone will snatch her up and she'll make a CD (hopefully she'll do a duet with Adam,like the judges said. That would rock) and hopefully go multi-Platinum too. It does still suck,though, and I'll definitely miss her. But at least she's going on the tour, so I'll get to see her. I wish I could've seen her in the Finale with Adam,though. But now I definitely want Adam to win.

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    Because the "pretweens" in braces and training bras have some warped fantasy this Dork Kris is singing just to them!! Oh he's so cute...Oh my god he is not!!!

    Adam has sex appeal Kris is a Dork!

    Allison will be famous!!! Slash said "Your only 17 and can out sing most 30yr old I know", last night and they repeated it. She doesn't need AI.

    She'll be just fine, as rotten as it is she lost this, BUT Kris, will still be a DWEEB when this is over. I don't care even if by some Cosmic Screwup, he wins, he'll have his 9 minutes of fame, 15 is too long, and it will be Kris Who? Unless you see him at the Mall after school lets out, Disney World, or someones Wedding, Bar Mitzva or on a Cruise Ship!!! The only people he could tour with would be some Gospel band, or some unknown crappy Country band,

    That's all he'll get!!!!

    Added: He's not a Teen idol, he's a 3, 4, and 5th graders idol!!!!!

    He has as much sex appeal as dirty laundry!! Oh yeah, that's what he wore on the show week before last. I can't stomach the guy!

    Allison was ripped off!!!!!!!!

    Source(s): My EARS!!
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    Whoa. Dude, and I agree. Kris or Danny should have been eliminated, not Allison...!!! Come on! Allison has to retaliate and show her best out there in the world of what's called Entertaintment. She has pure talent. So big, it's obvious. Just-in-your-face talent! I was surprised and disappointed. I wanted to scream in frustration but what's the use? I am venting in frustration, though...

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    I wanted Allison to win the whole thing. I REALLY liked her and agree she will have a huge career. But I also like Chris. I actually think he is one of the most marketable contestants when you consider what kind of music is selling nowadays. Danny, I think, is the least marketable. He's a good singer, but I see him in the adult contemporary market..which is a good market, but just not one that past A.I. contestants have popular. When I think of Danny...I think of performers like Neil Diamond for some reason. I love Neil Diamond...but I have to admit, I have none of his CD's. Adam.... I can't get a good grip on my feelings about his future. He has by far been the most INTERESTING to WATCH---a great stage performer, which is where his roots are. But to be welcomed into the rock & roll world.....???? I don't know. He's pretty effeminate....which doesn't really jive with most R&R. Not that they are hard R&R, but there have been others in R&R that are effeminate (read, Prince or Duran Duran members)... or gay/bi (read David Bowie). I LOVE to watch Adam...but I honestly think vocally he is one of the weaker performers on A.I. He has great stage presence and he looks and acts like a star...all important considerations. His future will depend greatly on what original material he can come up with once he's on his own. It will have to be great stuff or his career will be short lived.

    PS...I'm absolutely not implying there is anything wrong with being effeminate, bi, gay or whatever. I honestly don't care. It doesn't affect MY taste in music. But what I am addressing is my perception of what is embraced/accepted or rejected by people who form the fan base for hard core rock and roll. I could be wrong, but I really don't think I am. Traditionally, the industry is known for "Sex, Drugs, and Rock & Roll" and the "sex" for boobs, babes, and groupies. So don't get all "PC" on me.

    Edit: I totally agree with you about Allison being a rocker. I was waiting all season for her to sing Joan Jet or Pat Benatar.

    Edit II: I agree with Queen's Freddie Mercury (but Queen as hard R&R is more embraced TODAY than it was back when Queen was in their hey day. I know....I was there...I was a teen then.) Gn'R Axl never considered him the least bit effeminate. Wearing stage makeup doesn't qualify for me. I don't know much about BJA/Greenday...but my take on him is he's a bit more punk than rock...which a different market...and Adam's music style isn't punk.

    I could be could be right. (I'm no expert). I'm simply speculating on how I think these contestants will or won't be accepted once they don't have A.I. behind them.

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    I totally agree and think that these are going to be the four finalists. I don't know, I REALLY like Danny Gokey, but I have a feeling that Adam Lambert is going to win. Either way, I think they're all going to do very well and make their own music!

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    I know, and I agree with all what you said.

    I just don't get it, who the hell is voting for kris? or ist it chris? (sp?)

    I am surprised he made it this far. He has no personality, he is very middle of the road as far as singing goes, I can't even remember what he sang, but I can remember the other contestants songs. He is very forgetable, and isn't that the judges are always talking about, how much singers stand out. I forget kris's performance within seconds. In fact I end up talking through it or go into the kitchen to get a cup of tea! Lol

    Alison has more talent in her finger than he has. It's f**cked up really.

    but hey she is going to go platinum. She is going to blast the others away except Adam. Just to echo your sentiment.

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    I hated that Allison left tonight, but the big problem regarding her situation is that she could not build up a fan following like the final three contestants. Of course, she couldn't contend with a huge base of screaming school-age girls.

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    I couldn't believe it either!

    Kris is NOT THAT GREAT!

    I don't care if he has boyish good looks in some fan girls' opinions, his voice is whiney and he's like all those other mainstream pop "artists"

    danny was just plain scary last night and allison and adam obviously have the most talent

    allison should definitely not have gone home


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    Yeah, I think Kris should've been eliminated tonight, not Allison. I love Kris but I think Allison, Danny and Adam all have stronger voices.

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