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Parasites in the bath?

My wife just told me she was having a bath and then she noticed tiny dark things in/or the water (well, I've seen that many times before and I thought it were sand grains or so) . But she said she took the time to look at them carefully this and realized they were parasites. She picked each thing she could and, while most were fibres from clothing, about ten were parasites. Among them, she could see at least 4 different species, I think, unless they were the same species at different stages of their lives. In any case, the biggest one looked like the picture of a flea on wikipedia and there was some reddish thing too, a whitish transparent one with a baby inside and a tiny worm-like thing. I took a look myself when she called me and it were insects indeed. Is it likely that they were in the bathtub before her bath or they were on her? She's so scared, she masturbated in the water before she saw them and she says her vagina often fills with water when she orgasms. Is it possible that it got some of those things and how dangerous is it? Or did they come from her vagina? She only showers/ takes a bath every other day. Do you think two days are enough time for bacteria to grow on her vagina/anus?

This is so embarrassing, but we are so scared.

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    She isn't in any danger. These sound exactly like fleas in their life stages. They can also be from certain gnats or 'noseeums'. She is fine, they didn't come out of her and even if they got into her... they arent' the type of thing to cause an issue. I mean, yes, it is gross, but wash the tub down with cleanser really well and it will be fine. Make sure and clean all around the tub.

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    You should both go to the doctor to get checked out, because you said that you've noticed the bugs before.

    It's very unlikely that they came from your wife because she showers every other day. That's not long enough for bugs to start hatching.

    Perhaps you have a water problem, or there are bugs in the water system in your home.

    Get it all checked out.

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    Gross, take her to the doctor man. And dont have sex til you know for sure that she didnt get a parasite.

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    I think you should collect a sample and send it off for testing. http://www.accuratetesting.com/ . I would also take another sample to your doctor (both of you) and revealed your concerns. It's XXI century and you never know.

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