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please tell me whats worng im not normal!?!?

I dont have a bf.. never have, no matter what i do i cant get one im not desprate or anything i think im doing everything right!

im 17 and chunky but not fat


heres what i look like!

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    Looks are not the problem here. You just need to try harder... Sometimes that means making yourself more approachable. Sometimes that means you need to listen more... Because I'm sure guys have been attracted, but you just didn't listen long enough to notice.

    My best advise... Quit trying! Yes, quit trying. You'll meet the most amazing people when you aren't really looking to get committed to another person.

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    Okay first of all looks are NOT everything in life, if you don't have the personality then you have nothing. So you really need to get it out of your head that you are not pretty. For god's sake you are ONLY 17, and you have a lot of your life ahead of you. Trust me having a boyfriend should be the last of your worries. And you should wait for the right boy too.

    Hope this helps, good luck.

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    You're young. You're prob still in school.. Don't worry about it now.

    Ps what kind of relationship are you looking for? A fast fling or one that will last for weeks/months?

    You sound like a kind of girl who's looking for a real relationship with a guy who will like you as you not what you look like.

    Be rather have many useless boyfriends or a few that you could love?

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    hows that not normal....... im not expert but the fact that you are asking means that you are "desperate". Maybe you should spend that time doing something you might not be able to do if you were in a relationship ie. improve on any activitie you might be into.

    BTW im also 17 nd have't had 'real' gf since only time was in grd7 nd that was nothing.

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    Your pretty.

    I kind of have the same problem because I know im pretty but cant get a guy.

    Do you spend alot of time in the house because people say its because I dont go anywhere.

    Or people just might not appreciate you at your age...If you are young and not very promiscuous- that's why their not biting.

  • 1 decade ago you don't have a boyfriend. Big Deal. You should be worrying about getting into college and your grades before you think about getting a boyfriend. You have your entire life for that. When it is meant to happen it will happen. Don't try to rush it!

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    do you complain a lot?

    are you bossy?

    are you very shy?

    do you miss clues guys give you?

    answering these question may make you understand where you stand and i am only a psychologist not a psychic so i doubt anyone can help more without you opening up...

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    Be more outgoing and dont focus on the bad things about u focus on the good

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    add some highlights to your hair and trim your eye brows don't let them be so thick lol...(sorry not trying to make fun of you) most guys dont like alot of make up so dont use to much make up guys go after real beauty we are easy to please plus we dont like it all over us when you kiss or hug..

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    you are really pretty.

    Be yourself & not anyone else.

    Dont be afraid to show who you are..

    Make friends with them.. you will find someone you want to date, when its time and someone you are comfortable with as well..

    there could be one out there.. that may already like you. but you dont know about

    God bless xx

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