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Questions for Social Studies Final?

You don't have to answer all of them you can if you want (that would be very appreciated). to tell me the anserew, just put the number of it by it.

13. What was the main challenge the Patriots faced against the British sea? How did they overcome it?

16. After which two British documents did the Americans model their new government?

17. What dispute did the Great Comprise resolve? How did it resolve it?

19. What is the purpose of the doctrine of the separation of powers?

20. How are the rights of naturalized citizens different from the rights of native-born Americans?

21. The Fifth Amendment protects anyone found not guilty in a criminal trial from being tried again for the same crime. What is the name for this protection?

22. Which treaty angered Southerners because it did not repay them for slaves they had lost during the Revolutionary War?

23. “’Democracy’ is supposed to mean one vote per man, not one vote per state.” A citizen in America’s new democracy might have made such a complaint about what?

24. What is the significance of the case of Marbury v. Madison?

25. Which U.S. activity led to the nation to get involved in the war between Britain & France when it broke out in 1803?

26. Why was the Louisiana Purchase significant to the U.S.?

27. What arguments did New England Federalists make against going to war with Britain in 1812?

28. What did the Monroe Doctrine state?

29. Which American leader developed a plan known as the American System?

30. Why was maintaining a balance of slave & free states in the Union important to the authors of the Missouri Compromised?

31. What are historians referring to when they use the term “Jacksonian Democracy?”

32. What affect did the Tariff of Abominations have on sectional differences in Andrew Jackson’s America.

33. What did the Supreme Court rule in Worcester v. Georgia?

34. What did the Indian Removal Act authorize?

35. In 1827, some Americans demanded a tariff on foreign-made woolen goods so that their products would sell better in American markets. What is the term for the kind of tariff they were demanding?

36. What were John C. Calhoun’s views on the Tariff of Abominations?

37. What was “manifest destiny” and how did the slavery issue get tied up with it in the 1840’s and 1850’s?

38. What happened to California’s population as a result of the Gold Rush?

39. What was President Jackson’s reason for refusing to annex Texas?

40. What was the significance of the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo?

41. Who referred to a piece of land as a “stolen province” and what were they talking about?

42. In 1822, an impresario started a colony on the lower Colorado River. What was his name?

43. In what ways did the transportation revolution create a boom in business across the United States?

44. Who perfected the telegraph in 1832?

45. How can you tell that the water frame was one of the early technologies of t he Industrial Revolution?

46. What was the Lowell system?

47. What did the Supreme Court decide in the case of Gibbons v. Ogden?

That the federal government has authority over interstate commerce.

48. Which British mechanic defied Parliament by memorizing designs for new textile machines and smuggling his knowledge into the United States?

49. What does crop rotation involve and what is it purpose? Why was it introduced.

Crop rotation means growing different crops on the same piece of land to return nutrients to the soil. It was introduced because early farmers didn’t realize that growing the same crop on the same piece of land for a long time eventually removed all of the nutrients from the soil.

50. Why did many southern cities and states pass laws to limit the rights of free slaves?

51. Why did southern cotton planters rely on the region’s rivers to ship goods.

52. What belief inspired Nat Turner to lead a group of slaves to kill slave holders?

He believed that all slaves would revolt and overthrow the slave owners.

53. What was a yeoman? What portion of all Southern farmers were yeoman by 1860?

54. Which factors led to the increase in immigration from Ireland to the U.S. in the mid 1840’s?

55. What was the significance of the Seneca Falls Convention?

56. How did the federal government attempt to hinder the efforts of abolitionists in the U.S.?

57. How did William Lloyd Garrison attempt to spread the antislavery message in the U.S.

58. Who led the Pottawatomie Massacre?

59. What were the main points of Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural address in 1861?

60. Why was Abraham Lincoln successful in the election of 1860?

61. Who was Dred Scott?

62. After its victory in the Mexican War, the U.S. gained a large amount of land known as the Mexican Cession. How did political leaders in the 1840’s propose to answer the question of whether or not to ban slavery in this territory?

63. How were civilians a

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    A. Posting a "quiz" is a violation of the community guidelines.

    B. Posting this number of questions is an abuse of this site.

    C. I submit the answers can be found either in your textbook and/or class notes. Barring that, try here:

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    24. During that case, the Supreme Court earned the right of judicial review.

    26. it doubled the United States and had valuables (furs, minerals, lands)

    28. Warned the Eastern Hemisphere to stay out of the Western Hemisphere

    33. It ruled that Congress had no right to force the Cherokees off their land.

    34. It authorized that all Indians west of the Mississippi had to move west

    44. Samuel Morse

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