I have a drivers learners permit in Georgia. Ive had it For six months. can I get a license in Alabama?

I am seventeen. This summer for a month or two im moving to Alabama. I was wondering if I qualified to get my actual license in Alabama and if I could use it in Georgia. I just want to take my female friend out. I cant really do that with a permit ;(. If you must you can ask more specific questions. please help me.

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    Alabama will not allow you to use your Georgia learner's permit to get a license in Alabama. You'd have to start the entire application process again in Alabama. Alabama requires those under 18 to hold their learner's license for 6 months before being allowed to take the road test.

    You'd be better off just waiting the additional 6 months for your Georgia permit.

    Besides that, you have to be a resident of a state to get a license in that state.

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    Your licesnce is good where ever you go. including your permit, though i dont think you can go outside the usa so dont go to mexico you might et the swine flu!

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