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What is the difference between Infectious Arthritis and Ankylosing Spondylitis in symptoms?

I have arthritis that has fused my SI joints, and had to also get both my hips replaced due to degeneration of the joint. I thought I had AS. But the tests did not come Positive, but that also is common with people with AS. How can I tell if I have AS or if it could be an Infectious Arthritis? I have had my condition since I was 15yrs

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    infectious arthritis... ABOVE link....

    for the can read about the symptoms there...

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    Having an infectious arthritis causes one to be acutely ill with pain,redness in overlying skin,and high fever.This is not something that smolders along for years and years.Sounds like you have AS even if the tests are negative from the location of joints involved.Our Rheumatology colleagues have had good luck with methotrexate,plaquenill,as well as the newer rheumatoid drugs.There is no cure but I hope someone is helping you manage the arthritis and pain.Good luck to you!

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    hi, i'm no longer an authority on Ankylosing Spondylitis, yet I do have spondylolisthesis. From my comprehend-how anklosing spondylitis comprises inflammation of the joints between spinal bones, the backbone and pelvis. From the minimum study I even have executed on it the reason being unknown. yet there is amazingly sturdy info pointing in direction of a genetic marker being recent in those tormented by it. which would be handed down in genes. Spondylolisthesis regardless of if is a small fracture or smash of the backbone accompanied by utilising "slippage". There are assorted types or classifications of spondylolisthesis and each is graded as the two a a million,2,3,or 4. The grade cooresponds to a proportion that the vertabrae has slipped. a extensive style of folk who aquire spondylolisthesis accomplish that by utilising putting repetitive tension or tension on particular factors of the vertabrae that bring about fractures which over the years can not heal and slip. motives ought to selection from repetitively annoying activities, tight muscle mass or weaknesses in muscle mass finest to compensations, unexpected blows (automobile crashes, injuries, etc) are basically to call some. some human beings would be greater providers to spondylolisthesis via genetics handed down which comprise structural makeup, particular tightnesses or weaknesses, or average bone deformalaties, etc. yet spondylolisthesis isn't desperate from blood tests. it fairly is a structural subject that has inflammation linked with it because of the fracture and slippage. It seems such as you're on the splendid song traveling specialists and docs to get solutions. ultimate of super fortune to you and your mom on your recoveries!

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