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Anonymous asked in TravelLatin AmericaOther - Latin America · 1 decade ago

What are some interesting facts about Colombia?

I need five for my Spanish project.

Links appreciated!

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  • Dan
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    1 decade ago
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    Colombia has had a huge turnaround in less than a decade. I recommend that you visit these websites:

    Most Colombians are proud and happy to be Colombian, regardless of what problems the "media" in the US decides to focus on. The drug problems, as you'll see in these websites, is coming under more control - it's largely due to foreign demand. Colombia is a democracy, not a "regime". Many people who travel there come back admitting that they were not expecting such a beautiful country with educated, cheerful people.

    Some factoids:

    Ancient pre-Columbian Muiscas (and related Chibchan Quimbayas, Tayronas, etc) were expert gold-workers, and knew how to work with platinum. Spaniards looking for gold often discarded the platinum because its use was unknown in Europe at that point. The Muiscas were a busy agricultural society with extensive trade routes and a complex mythology of deities not unlike that of the Greeks. Generally they had a stable economy and were doing well up to the point of the Spanish conquist.

    The Muiscas had a calendar, and a sort of mini - stonehenge temple area a couple of hours north of Bogota where upright monoliths were used to mark the rays of sun with the changing seasons, helping the priests determine the best times for agriculture. Other monoliths and dolmens can be found further south in San Augusin.

    When Jimenez de Quesada arrived in Bacata (now Bogota) in 1536, he called it the town of alcazares (little castles), referring to the urbanized houses that he saw in an organized town-layout. Most of the structures were wooden, so unfortunately the cannon blew a lot of that away leaving little for us to see today. A replica of a Sun Temple can be seen in Sogamoso, but most of the legacy is the exquisite gold-work and sculpture the Muisca and related cultures (Quimbaya, Tayrona, etc) left.

    1621 - Universidad Javeriana was founded in Bogota - compare the dates of other universities founded in Americas.

    Independence Day - 20 July 1810 (from Spain) The revolution of independence was led by General Simon Bolivar, who also became the first president (equivalent of George Washington in the US) of what was then a combined country consisting of Colombia, Ecuador and Venezuela. There was some support from British troops who had formerly fought Napoleon under Wellington in 1815. Once that war was over, some of the unemployeed soldiers came to Colombia to fight Spain. So you may be surprised that some Colombians including myself have a trace of Scottish, Irish, Welsh and English from those veterans who settled after the independence.

    1829-30 - Gran Colombia was dissolved when Venezuela and Ecuador split off, leaving Colombia and Panama as Nueva Granada.

    1951 - June 16 Colombia entered the Korean War (1st South American contingent).

    Avianca was founded in 1919 as the first commercial airline to serve the Americas and the second airline company to be created in the history of aviation.

    Main exports include Petroleum, Coal, Coffee, Flowers, Banana, Textiles, Emeralds.

    Our women are among the most beautiful, cheerful, generous and resourceful in the world (oh yeah!)...

    Colombia Is the second richest country in bird species & biodiversity in the world, after Brazil.

    Besides Shakira and Carlos Vives, we have Martha Senn, world-class opera mezzo-soprano, has performed in the Opera of Chicago, New York, Houston, Philadelphia, La Scala di Milano, and other operas in Italy, Germany, England, Spain, France, Japan, Colombia.

    Famous in the arts are:

    Gabriel García Márquez, author, winner the Nobel Prize in Literature in 1982;

    Alvaro Mutis, author, winner of the 2002 Neustadt International Prize in Literature.

    Fernando Botero, world famous painter and sculptor.

    David Manzur, painter, XI Guggenheim Foundation Prize, Washington USA.

    In science:

    Manuel E. Patarroyo, scientist, discovered first safe vaccine for malaria. Turned in the patent to World Health Organization.

    Rodolfo Llinás, M.D., Ph.D., Chairman of NASA/Neurolab Science Group

    Pedro Antonio Prieto, physicist, recognized by the American Physical Society's Fellowship Program for forefront research in high temperature superconductors and contributions to physics in Latin America.

    In fashion:

    Silvia Tcherassi, fashion designer, awards include the New Star in Fashion Award 2001, Miami, has appeared in the Fashion Week in Milan.

    Mario Hernandez, leather artisan, exporter, winning the confidence of prestigious European names such as Bally and Christian Dior to make their products in the Americas.

    Pily Queipo Rodriguez, fashion swimsuit designer, owner of Onda de Mar in Medellin, has designs featured on the cover of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 2001.

    Places to visit:

    Gold Museum, contains relics of pre-Colombian history and is perhaps the most importan

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    For every beer they drink they drink half a glass to a glass of water with it. It prevents hangovers and IT WORKS!!!

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