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Do you think this name is a girls' name or a boys' name?


So i know everybody thinks that Kendell is a boys' name, but i actually think it is a girls' name. I mean, my name is Kendell, and i am a girl. Most people spell it Kendall but I spell it Kendell. i guess im juss used to it being spelled that way. Plus, i have been feeling kinda bad lately because everyone thinks its a boys' name.

But wat do u guys think: Boy or Girl?

Thanks in advance!! :)


Look everyone, a lot of people have been making fun of me lately, and some of u guys like Swimming Fishy, arent really helping. If u guys r juss gonna be mean and rude, then please dont bother saying anything at all.

Update 2:

Sorry, i got his name wrong. its Drumming Fishy.

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    well the only people i know named kendell are girls. i have the same problem with my name. its callan(kinda unique haha) and everyone thinks its a guys name

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    Deff a girls name! I've never heard of Kendell as a boys name. And I have a cousin whos a girl whos name is Kendell. And anyways the "ell" at the end is very feminine. I think i would make fun of a boy with the name Kendell. :p

    Sorry I hope I didn't offend any guys named Kendell

    peace :)

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    I know both a guy and girl named Kendell, but I associate the name more closely with a girl.

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    I honestly think it could go either way, but I have never met a male named Kendell, only females. Don't feel bad about it, its a great name!

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    I don't know any boys named kendell but I do know a girl, so I would say girls name. and a beautiful one too.

    If they are making fun of you tell them ashley and kelly used to be popular boys names.

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    Ive never heard of a guy named kendell...

    And if you would have never said i probably would have thought it was a girls name too... Its a really pretty name by the way

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    1) It's a gender-bender which, by it's very nature, is too tacky for my taste.

    2) Besides, it's a surname and I really don't like the trend of "surnames as first names". In 20 yrs, all those poor people are going to wonder why their mothers saddled them with 2 last names.

    3) It's the last name of one of the worst hs principals I've ever met. He was a racist and unfair in his treatment of students. The name conjures up really bad feelings for me. Because this was a male principal, I associate the name as being masculine.

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    Hmm... my father and I had a discussion about it the other day. He said that Kendall is a girl's name, though it's typically given to daughters of men who wanted a boy, so decided to give them a more masculine sounding name (it sounds similar to Kenneth). At least that's what seems to be true about the Kendall's he's met.

    Personally, I'm not a fan of the name. Reminds me of the Keebler elves.

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    It's pretty, and it's unisex and personally think it's better for a girl. And strippers named Kendall, uh, what? Strippers never have unisex names, they always have clearly feminine names like Crystal or Destiny or whatever.

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