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Why do liberals hate the military?

Its seams that democrats always want to cut military funding. Why is this?

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  • Bill
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    The garden variety leftist attacks our country with every breath, oblivious to the fact that their ability to speak out, to acquire their toys, to travel and protest and whine, are provided by the very system they despise. They know only hate for those who disagree with their Utopian vision of unchecked liberalism. They immediately label as racists any who counter their nonsensical ramblings with the logic of protecting our sovereignty and future. o_O

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I'm astonished, I see person after person posting emotional insults, throwing partial bits of truths and half truths, as well as complete delusional rhetoric baited partisan nonsense.

    We are Americans, first and foremost learn what that means people please. Yes I am generally conservative, color me old fashioned but when I demand someone else's money (taxes) I think I have a duty to spend it frugally. Does anyone here think government is being frugal? Does anyone here really want Washington D.C. (whose very existence depends on deceiving you and lying) to take more and more of your money and freedoms so they can What? then give some pennies back? Abscond with half of the money and talk you into being complacent about it with a bribe or tax credit. Make no mistake that is exactly what they are doing.

    I will leave you with this, because there's to much to correct you all on.

    The Constitution (I suggest you all start reading it), is a limited contract of employment, that charges the creation of a federal government to oversee just a few of our God given rights THE BILL OF RIGHTS. That's it limited enumerated powers. The Preamble is very clear Provide for the common defense, and promote the general welfare, (not fund it and develop it through taxation with deception to make a living for yourself )

    The only thing the federal government is charged to provide for is defense. And that's because this is what happens when its gets involved in our affairs otherwise, chaos.

    I'm really not surprised you all are confused about a good many things, I was also for a long time they have made it very confusing. So my humble advise to those out there able to consider it is stop being so eager to join the gang, learn what it is your defending and why, conduct yourselves with some pride, because you get self esteem by doing esteemable things, This Democrat Republican bickering sideshow is exactly what they want us to do, and it's called slight of hand. It wasnt until I learned this also that allowed me to understand what misplaced aggression was, and learned to focus on what as right.

    Oh and please learn to define terms

    1. Defense spending does not mean military, (you'd be surprised what they call defense)

    2. Budget spending: learn about discretionary and non discretionary, (yes it makes a difference)

    3. learn the difference between debt and deficit (deficit is virtuously meaningless since you can go into bigger debt to simply make the number look lower)

    4. And this is the most important You cant soar like and eagle if your hanging around turkeys, because turkeys dont fly.

    Everyone here is essentially right about one thing. (certainly not about the details, you all cant handle the details yet and the devil is in the details).

    Government whether your Republican or Democrat is out of control, It isn't liberals vs conservatives anymore, you better learn to accept that. The petty difference between the two ideologies is minimal compared to the machine that is creating the turmoil while stealing any chance you might have at stopping them soon.

    This is about "WE THE PEOPLE" and a federal government we created to work for us in the barn, that has now moved into the house, and is demanding we give up the deed.

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    Barack Obama proposed a military budget a few weeks ago that increases defense spending by some $32 billion.

    John F Kennedy's conventional military buildup is what allowed us to get embroiled in Vietnam. If we had stuck with Republican Dwight Eisenhower's defense priorities we would not have had the troops and equipment to sent there.

    Theodore Roosevelt pushed for increased defense spending long before we entered WWII and with considerable opposition from Republican's.

    The myth that Democrats ALWAYS want to cut the defense budget stems I think from Carter's single term. Carter had to cut defense spending over previous years for a number of reasons - the Vietnam war was over, the economy was in chaos with rampant inflation and he wanted to change the kinds of things the military was buying. Carter was certainly not anti-military, having been a naval officer before entering politics.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    What do you mean by 'Liberals'? Many people advocate cutting the military budget, very few are what I would call 'liberals'.

    Simply put we're spending way too much across the board, and the military eats up a big piece of the pie. More than is justified, given the actual threat level.

    IMO the military could easily be cut in half, and still be too big. I would also cut social security, medicare/medicaid, and most social programs.

    The tax burden is destroying our economy and we simply cannot afford to run around the world playing 'cop', anymore. The reality is that the threat level for an actual attack or invasion is close to nothing. The only attacks will come from shadow groups like the taliban, in which case a standing military is largely useless.

    We pissed away billions in Iraq, a country that posed us absolutely no threat, and which had no demonstrable link to the Taliban terrorists.

    I'm tired of laboring under the crushing burden of high taxation, so that a bunch of wanna-be cowboys could go adventuring abroad, and tell me that they are fighting for 'my freedom'.

    Stop the 'empire building' the bill has come due and we don't have the money for it anymore!

    Source(s): I'm a right wing libertarian.
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  • 1 decade ago

    Liberals don't hate the military.

  • rich k
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    1 decade ago

    I am a retired U.S. serviceman who volunteered right out of High School and was on active duty for both Nam and Desert Storm. My Father served in WW2 and Korea, my Grandfather served in WW1. I am the son, grandson, great-grandson, nephew, cousin, brother, father, and father-in-law of U.S. servicemen, and we are life long liberals all, as were George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, and John Kennedy. What service have you rendered to our country that entitles you to make an insulting accusation like that about us?

  • USNS
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    1 decade ago

    Ed J.... the TANG is still the service.

    Stop disrespecting all those who are or ever have served honorably in the National Guard.

    Your remarks make me wonder if you ever even served.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Actually, Obama raised military spending, but the Republicans have spun it as a cut because the increase was smaller than last year. Liberals do not hate the military. Many of them just question why we need to spend as much on the military as all the other nations of the world combined. Much of this spending is on waste and non-vital programs which do nothing but enrich defense contractors. Why is it that every other aspect of our spending is up for evaluation and debate, yet every penny of military spending (the majority of our spending) is sacred on its face and must be preserved, even increased? We have more miltary power than we will ever conceivably need, so I don't get why looking at cutting some fat is heresy.

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    I do not hate the military my family proudly served over 4 generations for america. We were all democrats. That statement is the furthest thing from the truth and its bullshit to lump a political group into that ignorant logic.

  • Power
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    1 decade ago

    This is not true. Why do people like you spread lies. There is evidence that the opposite is true. The reason Bush was allowed to rob the country was because of the sympathy liberals have for the military. He used them everytime he wanted a billion dollars he said it was for their safety. McCain has a record of doing everything agaist the military & yet he portrays himself as if he is the opposite. I appreciate you bringing this up. My son was in the military & he passed away which had nothing to do with the military but it insulting to many military people who have sacrificed so much for you to make up these lies.

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