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Differences between Labour and Conservative parties?

I know this is probably a stupid question, but what are the main differences between the two parties? What are the differences in what they say they will do for the UK? It's just it seems to me like their policies are becoming increasingly similar, so I don't get why so many people vote labour.

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    Traditionally Labour has always been to the left of the political scale. They believed in nationalisation of the major industries in the U.K. and an extensive social welfare programme.

    Conservatives traditionally believe that the rich have an obligation to help the poor but that this should not take on the form of state help. A more paternalistic vision than what Thatcher later proposed.

    Nowadays, you are right, there is increasingly little that these two differ on. The recent budget made it seem as if Labour where returning to their old ways but their plans also start to look like that of the Conservatives after a while.

    There may be little difference now as there is a surprising lack of legislation being passed. The recent equality bill, has been criticised by Conservative newspapers such as Daily Mail(fascist garbage). Although l don't know if the Conservatives have officially opposed this.

    So why dont we all vote Respect?

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