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Would u consider Big Show as a legend? Why?

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    Unfortunately this is a hard thing to gage as he is so big and strong, he should never lose, but then that wouldn't be very interesting. As one person already stated he is this generations version of Andre, and that's not really a bad comparrison now, he really can't do quite as much as he use to. And because fans don't want a "real" feal anymore (like when Andre went un-pinned until he let Hogan beat him at Wrestlemania III) they want constant title changes and the unbeleaviable (like Cena giving him the F-U, still impressive as hell) so he's not used the way he should be. But his title accomplishments:

    WCW World Heavyweight Championship (2 times)

    WCW World Tag Team Championship (3 times)

    World War 3 Winner (1996)

    World Wrestling Federation / World Wrestling Entertainment

    ECW World Heavyweight Championship (1 time)

    WWE United States Championship (1 time)

    WWF/E Championship (2 times)

    WWF Hardcore Championship (3 times)

    WWF/E World Tag Team Championship (3 times)

    The fact that he still is the only man to hold all 3 brand heavyweight titles, and the fact that other Taker and Kane there really haven't been very big men to stay around...

    YES he is a legend.

  • Hell no. He didnt do anything in WCW that was worth of note, and really he hasnt done anything in WWE either. He was a big deal when he came along cuz he was the first giant weve seen since Andre, thats the only reason he was interesting at the time. So what he has held all three belts. He shouldnt have even been considered for the ECW title in the first place, the ECW fans hate the Big Slow, which is why he is never on there anymore cuz when he steps into the ECW ring, all the fans shout "change the channel" and "same old sh!t" for the entire match. Hes crap and the hardcore fans know it. His new gimmick is stupid too. They take the biggest, slowest person in the world and now hes a boxer? What, hell no. It takes him 26 seconds just to throw that horrible looking punch. The last thing he did that was even remotely funny was when Angle was still there and he kept coming out as different people, which isnt all that special cuz its been done to death over the years. The only reason he has had any belts of any kind is for one simple fact, he was born much bigger than everyone. Other than that what does he bring to the ring thats special? Not a damn thing. Hes like Shaq, who sucks at basketball but is so successful cuz hes so damn big he just grabs the ball and puts it in the net cuz nobody else can reach high enough to take it from him.

    Wellllllllll, its the Big Slow!!!!

    Yeah its the Big, Fat, Slow tonight yallllll!!!!!!!

    Nuff said.

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    You always have really interesting or really funny questions, I like you lol

    That's a toughee...He IS the only man to hold the wwe,wcw and Ecw title, He has done a LOT for the business but I am not sure if I would consider him a legend just yet though...He still has some time left and I don't doubt that some day we will look at the Big Show as a legend.

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    Mr Clown, Big has allot of big achievements in his life.

    His career highlights are:

    ECW World Champion

    WWE Champion

    WCW Champion

    World Tag Team Champion

    WWE Hardcore Champion

    United States Champion

    How can someone not call him a legend? Also he knocked out Taker once!!

    He is surely a legend. But not a fans favourite!

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    Big Show was the first man ever to have held the WCW, WWF and ECW world titles than in itself is enough to make him a legend. His sheer size and athleticism for his weight is absolutely mind-blowing. The Big Show is definitely a legend. No Doubt about it.

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    I would rather consider Rey Mysterio a Legend, Big Show is just taking advantage of his huge body size.

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    Well he is the kayfabe son of Andre The Giant and has made history every time he stepped in that ring so yes he is a legend and underrated legend i could say

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    Yeah anyone who can torture cena the way big show has lately is a legend in my opinion. Oh btw he is the 1st superstar to win thw wcw, ecw and wwe world titles.

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    hmmm, i'd say that he was a legend and was under rated but now i dont see alot from him

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    The only man to hold the WCW, WWE & ECW championships

    He is this era's Andre. Much better than the Sh!t Khali or Super Cena or Batistaroids

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