Is it normal for my boyfriend to be looking at pregnant porn?

My boyfriend and I have been talking about having children in the very near future. Well last year I noticed he had an immense amount of pregnant porn on his computer and it's only gotten worse. Is this normal? Should I be freaked out, because I am already. And we are not pregnant yet but trying.

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    There's nothing wrong with it. A lot of people like porn and everyone has their personal preference when it comes to type. Some people do find pregnant women very attractive and "hot".

    Part of it can also be that he can't wait to see what you'll look like when pregnant and likes to fantasize about you, the porn may help fuel his imagination.

    I myself am straight, but I too think pregnant women are extremely sexy and downright gorgeous. My husband thinks so too, and when my time comes (we're TTC too) I know that just looking at my pregnant body with his child growing inside me is going to get him VERY excited all the time lol.

    I think everything is fine for you guys, maybe talk to him, look at some with him, ask him what he likes about them, how he thinks you'll look when you conceive etc. Instead of being freaked out by it, use it as a bonding opportunity for the two of you.

    Good luck ttc.

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  • I don't know how to answer this. Personally I have looked at pregnant porn and I feel disgusted. Of course these women look beautiful with their big bellies and stuff, but I think it is very degrading. More so that usual. Carrying a child is a miracle.. precious and not to be broadcasted in sexual manner for all the public to see. However I do not think something is wrong with your boyfriend. Everyone has their own sexual desires and if prego porn is what does it for him then have at it.. Maybe talk to him about it and ask why is he watching this stuff. As I think about it I have this ex that was mentioning to me that he wanted to have sex with me again because he has never done it with a pregnant women before and it would be awesome. I was kinda like ummm ya NO! I am in a happy committed relationship. That proves to show that some men do have sexual desires for pregnant women and it is normal.

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    It is probably just a secret fetish as mentioned above. I have a friend who shares that fetish. I always thought it was a little unusual, but I mean, at least its' not like poo or something...

    If it bothers you, talk to him. And do it now if it freaks you out - BEFORE you two have children and before you get all weirded out when he's really into having sex with you while you are pregnant.

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    Look at the bright side. You might get even more sex while your pregnant. Most women complain their husband or boyfriend want nothing to do with them till after the kid is born.

    Sounds like you have it made in the shade. Mind you the shade may be a we bit perverted. But no one is perfect.

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    I agree, it may be that he just wants to see naked pregnant bodies to know what you'll look like, either that or he finds it attractive and got into it by surprise.

    Well if he does like it then there'll be some hanky panky when you do conceive lol ;)

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    Every man has some secret weird fetish, mine likes peeing lol. It may be a good thing. At least you know he will find you attractive when you are prego. I wouldn't worry to much unless he starts staring or talking to pregos out in public.

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    Maybe he just wants to get use to what your body will look like?

    That's a surprise though.

    Kinda creepy.

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    of course it is u should do it 2

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    God, I dunno, thats a bit strange!!

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