How to get swirls marks off your car?

I don't know what it is about black cars but it seems like when you look at in the light, the swirls marks are very noticeable. What causes swirl marks? Also, will waxing or buffing get the swirl marks off?

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    causes of swirl marks are taking your car ot a car wash, with those brushes

    using wrong towels on your piant, pretty much anything ot scratch paint,

    the turtle wax block box, as mentioned above

    wont get rid of them, they will hide them, they just fill the swirls in with the wax ( hence why the wax is black)

    to get rid of them

    i would pick up some Microfiber applicator pads, and/or foam pads if you can find them, and some microfiber towels

    also grab some meguiars swirlx, and meguiras ultimate compound

    swirlx might not be strong enough, hence we we also have the compound

    i would also recommend getting a clay bar kit, this removes all the crap that is stuck onto the paint, that normal washing wont get off, that way, when you remove the swirls, you wont be moving around the dirt that is stuck to the paint..

    so, when working these products in, you go in about a 16.x16 in section, and work the product in for about 30-60 seconds, wipe off, and inspect

    do swirlx first, if swirls not gone, repeat, if still not gone, step up to ultimate compound, always do tests spots, if you cant make one spot look good, you wont be the whole car look good.

    if you end up using ultimate compound, you want to follow it with swirlx, to give it a smoother finish

    after youve gotten the car complete

    i would go over it with a wax, either meguiars nxt 2.0 tech wax, or gold class wax

    any questions, email

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    Car Wash Swirl Marks

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    I got this kit at Autozone for around $20:,1,4,28

    I own a black car and just recently waxed it (and had issues with swirls). First and foremost is to make sure that your car is clean, and that it's cool to the touch. I honestly woke up around 5:30, 6am, washed the car real good and wiped her down, this way, not only was the engine cool (therefore the hood as well), but the whole car was still cool from the overnight. Then, I got to waxing.

    Follow the instructions for this kit word for word and it'll come out great. When you're at the Autozone, get Microfiber towels, and get a few...I think they're blue. These towels get the wax off really well without leaving any lint behind either, but make sure you use this kind of towel for the best results. I also did this all by hand, and the whole process took me about 2-3 hours.

    Keep a clean microfiber towel in your car, and you can simply dust off any pollen to get the car back to the waxed shine. It seriously came out 1000x better than I expected.

    As for the swirl marks, it's usually dirt or too rough of a towel or applicator. I know that when I get antsy to clean my car, I'll go to one of those quick-washes, where you throw your quarters in and spray the car down yourself. Those brushes in there are pretty brutal, always dirty (no one rinses them, so do that before you start if you go to places like this) and generally, all car washes of any type recycle their water. This wax actually took care of all those tiny streaks and swirls for me too. It's really incredible.

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    Depending on what is causing the swirl marks you have a couple of options. I had a black truck and I used the color wax to help keep down on swirl marks. Once after I parked under a tree and washe it the sap left some swirls and I used the clay bar to get them off. These are available at your local parts store and are fairly reasonable.

    GO 24!!!!

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    Polish it by hand, then wax it. Those power buffers make swirls. There is more contrast between reflection and the black baint.

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