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How much to sell a good Mini Lop for?

I'm in 4-H and breed my own show rabbits. Just this year I decided to breed; other years, I would but good show prospects and just show them. So, this is a new experience on breeding and then selling.

I have pedigreeds and they come with a rabbitry brochure, a weeks supply of food, a dieses/sickness chart and how to cure them. Their pedigrees are very, very good! Their parents have superve ears, bodies, coloring (opal with excellent ring defination) and heads. I think the doe I bred the buck to has a "doe type head"; but she is still showable.

If anyone can help me out, it would be appreciated. Thank-you for reading!


I'm in the ARBA and all of the local rabbit and Mini Lop RBAs. I'm even in the state's Mini Lop RBA

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    It really depends on the area and market you are selling to.

    There are 3 different types of show rabbits and I usually go by this when selling my Mini Rex

    ShowABLE rabbits - Rabbits that are technically "showable" (no DQs, correct weight, color etc.), but wouldn't do squat on the show table. These are normally what I would consider "pet quality" and I sell for $20 without their pedigrees

    Good show rabbits - Youth rabbits, or that stand a good chance at variety or class, possibly breed or opposite as well. These usually start at $30 and can go up to $80

    One heck of a show rabbit - Open quality, really nice rabbit that has awesome type, color and fur that stands a good chance at BOB or BIS. I usually sell these for $100+

    I would go by what you feel they are worth, and what you can sell them for without going broke (rabbit feed is expensive). I would also talk to other breeders in your area and see what they sell their stock for. Taking your rabbits to ARBA shows is a great way to market your better quality animals.

    Source(s): ARBA youth breeder of Mini Rex rabbits for over 8 years
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    If you show rabbits you must be in a club. Check out other members.

    Source(s): Friends.
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