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Why did the U.S. help Saddam gas the Kurds?

The Ronald Reagan/George Bush 1 regimes supplied Saddam Hussein with the weapons that he used against the Kurdish population. They knew full well what was going on and continued to support the monster. Why is that?


It was never hidden, # 3. Establishment papers reported on it(hailing it) at the time.

Update 2:

#4 I'm against what's going on in Afghanistan too. I'm not a Democrat.

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    There was a war between Iraq and Iran in the (80s?, someone correct me). Saddam actually looked better to us then. He was a more 'secular' less (gasp) Islamofacist (which is not the same as Muslim. Seriously, that word is the separates good Muslim leaders Benezir Bhutto from the pigs that killed her)

    The United States sent some weapons to Iraq during this war, in part because they liked Saddam (remember, he was a 'moderate, secular leader then' how things change) more than Iran, which had recently undergone the 1979 Isalmic Revolution, in which they overthrew the Shah and were as, if not more, destabilishing than they are now.

    Back to the gasses on the Kurds. Three sources. Russia (USSR), who sold (and still sells) weapons from the 1970s like they are candy (anyone ever wonder where freaks like Kim Jung Il and Mahmoud A get ahold of uranium and nuclear technologies, where North Sudanese get all their weapons?. Also, Saddam was one thrify bastard in his desire to kill Kurds, so he did save US weapons to use against them. There were also humanitarian medical supplies. Saddam chemically altered medications (which were, for the record, given in the spirit of SAVING lives) and used them to gas Kurdish villages. What a genius when it comes to the slaughter of his own people.

  • Love the lack of knowledge and the refusal to actually do some research for the facts that some people display in answering your question .....

    the answer is actually quite simple and along these lines....

    Sadam was the less of two Evils ( ie he was in Iran and Iraq was also a hostile nation ...).. Saddam was given arms to use if threatened by Iraq.

    The Kurds wanted independence and were supportive of Iraq ( HEY IT'S ONLY COMMONSENSE TO ACKNOWLEDGE THAT)..

    Sadam considered that given the Kurds were being supportive to Iraq and supported by Iraq.. that the weapons that had been given to fight the Iraqis could be used on the Kurds..

    No different really to weapons supplied to Britain in WW2 to fight against Germany ,, to be used against a German Ally.. only .. people don't like knowing this bit of information and those that know it deny it happened

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      you mean threatened by Iran, Saddam was the head of state in Iraq you imbecile

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    could you show your sources please?

    The Soviets supported Iraq more than the US, i would think the weapons would be soviet supplied.

    Were the weapons supplied before or during the attacks on the Kurdish population? Because if it was before you can't really blame them for not being able to see the future.

    I bet you don't support the invasion of iraq. Yet we used it to remove Saddam's government and prevent further human rights violations

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    these weapons were supplied during the iran-iraq war by the usa it is common knowledge outside the us. saddam was once an american puppet

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    america enjoys watching people suffer. the u.s. is probably helping the kurds gas sunis now.

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    The U.S. didn't. The GOP did. The U.S. is a democracy. The GOP is a fascist organization.

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    How do you know they knew? Were more Top Secret documents made public?

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    Uh what? Oh. What? Ok

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