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About iphone(2G)

I have got the iphone 2G long time already,but I ignored it.Then one day I turned on iphone and it shown "Please insert a valid SIM with no PIN lock to activate iPhone"

How should I do?Is the problem about iPhone or SIM card?

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    Every 2G iPhone has a network lock installed when sold, mostly AT & T. That means unless you are using an AT & T SIM, the phone function of the 2G iPhone will be disabled.

    Once you insert a non-AT & T SIM, it would show the error message asking you to insert a valid SIM.

    But there is one way to get away with the network lock, namely, jailbreaking. There are a lot of resources teaching you how to jailbreak your iPhone in the web. You can go and check it out.

    Even if the phone has been JB before, but once you update your phone with iTunes, then the network lock will function again.

    If you want to use the phone, you have to restore it with iTunes and jailbreak the phone if you are using a non-AT & T SIM.

    P.S. Jailbreaking the iPhone is not illegal.

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