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1.What do you think is the best way to learn a foreign language?

2.what do you like most about your school life here?

3.what do you want to be doing five years from now?

4.what are those small things that we can do to protect our environment? do you deal with stress? how do you help yourself relax?

6.are you an active person or a couch potato? what do you enjoy doing most in your leisure time? why?

7.what do you like/dislike most about Taiwan?why? you believe in good luck and bad luck? why? wat would you do to bring good luck?

9.what would you like to do for the summer vacation? tell ui about your plans.

10.if you lose your eyesight someday, what would you do to make your life meaningful and enjoyable?


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    1. The best way to learn a foreign language is to try to speak out with others. Never be afraid of making mistakes because by doing so can we improve our ability in a short time.

    2. I love making friends and right at school can I know as many different kinds of people as possible.

    3. I’d like to become an English teacher because English the subject and teaching others are both my favorites.

    4. Never litter at anytime and anywhere.

    5. I am always fond of listening to classical music whenever stress comes. Also, by doing outdoor exercises, like riding a bike, I can easily feel relaxed.

    6. I am an active person. As mentioned above, I love outdoor exercises because I enjoy the fresh air outside.

    7. The beautiful scenery around Taiwan is what I like Taiwan most. Every time I take a short trip in the island, I always admire that the wonder nature belongs to my homeland.

    8. It depends. However, I think either good luck or bad luck usually comes without any reasons. I usually say something meaningful to cheer me up with a view to bringing me good luck.

    9. I really love water sports, so summer vacation is the best time for me. I used to go to the beach in Kenting with my family.

    10. As I’ve told above, I love classical music a lot. Once I lose my eyesight, I’d like to learn one or two kinds of instruments. And if possible, I’d like to compose some music in order to share my life with others.

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    1.The best way to learn a foreign language is to speak out. Once you speak loudly , you will be more and more confident

    2. During a long day in school , the thing I like to do most is to be with my friends so that I can improve the relationship between us.

    3.I would like to go to a good university and major in my favorite subject "electronic engineering".

    4.We can take the public transportation instead of driving by ourselves. Besside , turn off the light when you leave a room ,so we can save not only energy but money.

    5.Everytime I feel depressed ,I will listen to soft music.

    By listening to soft music I can release the pressure and feel relax.

    6. In fact , I am a little bit lazy.

    Sometimes , I like to surf the internet rather than go exercising outside.

    7.What I hate most in Taiwan is that most of the adults judge students by their acadamic performance.

    8.To be honest , I don't believe in fortune so much.

    In my opinion , you have to pay something to get something.

    It is impossible to get something without paying.

    9.During the summer vocation ,I would like to take a trip to Japan.

    I plan to visit my relatives who live in Osaka and stay there for a week.

    10. Of course , I would learn the Braille first. Then, I will go around the world and make speeches to those who get blind overnight like me to encourage them.

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    第7題 acadamic 改成 academic.

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