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    We are destined to lose our loved ones. Otherwise, we can never realize the importance of them

    In this film, there are many conversations and scenes discussing the issues of “ Birth and death” and value of life.

    Benjamin, the leading character in this film, was surrounded by grey-haired people in his entire childhood that he must face the fact that people he loved would soon leave him one by one.

    Because of the experience of dying before living, he could not only appreciate the life much more deeply than others, but also value his loved ones. If you have the same experience as he had, would you have another new understanding for life?

    “ You may behave like a hysterical dog and be resentful at everything around you, you may also put a curse on yourself. However, the only thing you can do before your last is to let everything go slightly.”

    Due to the fact that he was growing in a nursing home and that people he loved had left one after another, Benjamin could face the death easily and tranquilly.

    He never resisted against his fate. He confronted them positively. This kind of optimistic view of life is what everyone needs to possess of!

    Recall carefully that almost everyone lives in this circulation. While being physically healthy and strong, our mentality is still at the stage of immature. It is in vain if you have endless energy without any experience. By the time you are getting old with mature mentality and plenty of experiences; it would absolutely be a big regret if you become ill and cannot enjoy your life anymore. Would life be more perfect if the situation is opposite? Would there be any regret?

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    Will otherwise we be doomed person ~ which must lose us to love we how to know that they will have important how to us?” In the middle of this piece many dialogs has contained the people with the scene regarding “the life and death proposition” as well as “the survival significance” questioning. The condition which in the piece the Ban Jieming entire childhood is hung on the brink of old age crowd to surround, causes he essential to need to face the side to love the human who has departed, also, because the predeceasing young man's experience, enables him to be possible like this sincerer to realize that the life with treasures the human who the side loves. Considers if you also have if the similar experience, you can have new realizing to the life? “you may look like the mad dog such to periphery all indignantly, you may curse your destiny. But so on last moment time ~ you have only been able to drop gently!” Because grows up since childhood in the home for the elderly, the side loves the human 11 leave him to go, to cause the Ban Jieming opposite to die looks very much pale, regarding destiny which soon arrives, he ever does not resist, is frontage faces, this open-minded outlook on life, is precisely modern each people must want! Recalls carefully, nearly all people live in such circulation, when in your body, the physiology is most vigorous and healthiest, the healthiest time, in the psychology is not actually mature, has the exuberant energy actually because to be insufficiently experienced in vain is very difficult to have a every achievement, has waited till when old is at heart mature, reviews in succession is rich, actually because of valetudinarianism is unable to enjoy the life, this is one kind of regret unavoidably. If then in turn, whether the life can be more perfect, has not regretted? 大概束醬

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