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Does alcohol kill bread yeast? Why won't my bread rise?

I have tried making bread several times now in the past year. Not once has it worked out, my yeast never rises. This last time I poured some Amaretto liquor with 110 degree F water to activate it. I let it sit at least 10 minutes, and it did not foam. I proceeded with the recipe. My dough has been sitting in a bowl for an hour and a half now and it's still a lump. What's going on?

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    alcohol shouldn't be your problem. probably your yeast is dead. after 3 months or so (longer if frozen) the yeast will die. you need tp "proof" your yeast to see if it is still alive. here's how:

    in a cup with warm water put a teaspoon of yeast along with a small amount of sugar. if the yeast begins to foam after a few minutes it is allive (just like Frankstein's monster). no foam, dead yeast. buy more with lastest expiration dae. freeze extra yeast.

    happy eating!

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    Yes it definitely does. As a trained and working chef and having taken classes in food chemistry - if you introduce alcohol into a bread dough prior to rise the yeast will be killed even though you have made the yeast prove itself. If you soak fruit in alcohol such as brandy, you will kill the yeast. This doesn't not happen with small amounts like you would have in say vanilla extract. You can let the bread go through its fist rise and then attempt to add the booze. That has worked. The yeast has had time to multiply many many times. Or do as usual and drizzle the alcohol on your finished product and allow it to soak in. That always works and is the best approach.

  • If the yeast doesn't foam after 5 to 6 minutes, throw it out. Your yeast has probably expired, or the water temperature was too cold or too hot. Throw it out and start again. Alcohol shouldn't' kill yeast as it produces alcohol during the fermentation process which is what its doing when it starts to bubble is called

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    Yes, the yeast is the same. However, baking bread will not form alcohol, as when the bread is rising, there is oxygen present. The yeast respires. When you make alcohol, all oxygen must be removed in order for the fermentation to occur - ie must have anaerobic conditions.

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    um maybe i don't know but i think that if you get yeast really hot then that kills it, i think that you're supposed to let it rise first, you know that. you probably need some warmth. like if you're baking it ina oven, then set the bread pans on top of the oven where the warmth is and let it rise. in fact i think you have to have heat for it to rise.

    hope this helps, and good luck!

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    your supposed to scream at it glad i could help

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