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Yeaaahhhhhh cooooooolllllllll phukets our new home now,............what happened?

im totally lost, i just went to R&P i found out weve now been relocated here,

just wondering why?

are we doing a takeover or are we just moving here?

cuz either way im cool with it lol,

also what are we going to call ourselfs? since were clearly not R&P anymore and we clearly dont Phuket what should we call ourselfs?

Metalhead section?

im up for anything =)

well METALHEADS how was the day?

oh and uhhhh.....................whats a phuket?

(posted this in the "wrong pucket last time lol thanks guys =)


lol mary ill be with both, i never leave yah! lol

plus this ohucket things a little odd, ill post a Q about it later

*thx MRB

Update 2:

*lol mary, nah ill never give you the shiver lol

Update 3:

*lol sorry leach

Update 4:

*it pretty good fail thanks =)

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    No! you have to stay with me in R&P!

    I am not welcome here! *cries*... i am not a metalhead!

    Source(s): EDIT: pphewww, thank god. Man, i feel so un welcome here... like, i can feel the cyber cold shoulders *shivers* EDIT: aww, thank god, i feel a little less cold now. Actually, i dont have a problem with metal heads, every single metal head i have met has been super nice (and i live above a rock n roll/ metal resturaunt) But yeah, i dont know a whole lot about metal, *cries*, thats why i feel so unwelcome, haha
  • 3 years ago

    Aunque no tan conocida Phuket, la capital de Tailandia sin duda una ciudad para las holganza y para descubrirlo entonces debes principiar por reservar y preparar todo para el viaje aquí . Con solo dos estaciones al año, la temporada verde (de mayo a octubre) y la estación cálida (de noviembre a abril), Phuket es la ciudad perfecta para pasar unos holganza calorosas en cualquier época del año. Una de las cosas más importante de ver en esta ciudad es Laem Phromthep porque desde aquí tomaras las mejores fotos con puesta del sol. Seguro que Phuket hará a cualquiera disfrutar de sus descanso aquí y volverán para tomar un poquito más de sol en este ciudad lleno de calor.

  • frasca
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    Holly cow, this question makes no experience. the position is abode my expensive? Are you a vacationer or you stay in Bangkok? bypass to Crabi, See James Bond Is Land, Take image with woman-boy, And especially Sa-Wa-Dee-Ka all day.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Well first it was Dasara, then it was downloading widgets, then I suggested Phuket. Now it's a mix between the two, excluding Dasara

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  • Leech
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    1 decade ago

    you took down your Q in the other Phuket?


    that place can be for something other than metal? I dunno

    Phuket Phase II

    yes, this is the Metal section, in my opinion

    Source(s): edit: props to Brownstone for discovering the land that I planted the metal banner in peace
  • 1 decade ago

    I have no idea what happened.

    I think we should just call it Phuket. >.> But that gets confusing.

    Source(s): My day was alright... yours?
  • Layne
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    1 decade ago

    We are like Vikings - we conquer many different places, then visit them later XD

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